The Collapse of The Conservatives Party of Canada: The Conservative Party Has No Sustainable Future With Leftist Voters, However, if the NDP fires Jagmeet Singh political fortunes may change – September 22, 2021,

The 2021 election was almost a duplicate of 2019; when it’s all said and done depending on the results of the mail-in ballots the Liberals will have 158 seats in 2021, in 2019 the Liberals had 157 seats. Andrew Scheer however did better than Erin O’Toole with 121 seats to Erin O’Tooles pending 117 seats Erin O’Toole’s stupid Leftist ideals cost him votes and they didn’t appear to go to the People’s Party of Canada, it appears would-be Conservative voters simply didn’t show up at the ballot box assuming Justin Trudeau was going to win anyway.


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I had a quiet Erin O’Toole doing better than Andrew Scheer, I even predicted he would win, but Erin O’Toole kept on talking and talking and he was sounding more and more tyrannical every time he opened his mouth, what Conservative Party politicians don’t seem to grasp is that Leftists have them at CHECKMATE every time they find an excuse to expand the welfare state.

Why vote for Liberal-lite when I can have the full Liberal experience? The races the Conservative Party lost, with the exception of one B.C riding the People’s Party of Canada was a relative no-show. The People’s Party of Canada if this continues is becoming the Decentralized PPC = growing in total numbers but they can’t win a seat, which is a very interesting way to grow, because if this type of growth continues and Right-Wingers get used to LOSING the Conservative voters might say to themselves one day “what the hell, let’s blow this thing up” because this bringing more Leftists under the Conservative tent idea is backfiring at the very least Maxime Bernier and the PPC in small numbers will PUSH back against tyranny.

Erin O’Toole said some of the most tyrannical words I’ve ever heard a Conservative Party Politicians say, making matters worse were all the tyrannical Conservative Party Premiers who imposed Vaccine Passports, my guard is always up when I think about Liberals, I found myself even more defensive when I imagined Erin O’Toole becoming the next Prime Minister and that Brian Mulroney endorsement sure as hell didn’t help Erin O’Toole either.

The Conservative Party of Canada Should Pray That The NDP Fire Jagmeet Singh

So yeah, if I were a Conservative Party member who believes this move of capturing the Leftist vote is the best path forward for the Conservative Party, I’d have two prayers, one would be for Justin Trudeau to step down, the other would be for Jagmeet Singh to step down, one or the other or both would be very helpful.

Trudeau lost the popular vote AGAIN, but the idea of a Canadian politician with a turban, screaming racism to every white person with an alternative view of the world appears to be terrifying Canadians. Furthermore, Jagmeet Singh is a horrible debater, because I’m not a fan of JT I’ve tried to send some positive words Jagmeets way, but these words weren’t authentic, I can’t stand the guy and it appears neither can the majority of Canadians, the NDP faithful are the only ones supporting this man and he has the NDP stuck in the mud.

I assumed with some money the NDP would make some gains, not gonna happen, not with a turbaned politician who calls everyone a racist whenever challenged with facts he doesn’t like. There are calls for Justin Trudeau to step down? That would be very helpful for the Left-leaning Conservatives, Chrystia Freeland and François-Philippe Champagne are Justin “Trudeau” without the Name recognition, but they could still be a challenge for the Conservatives although not as difficult a task to beat as Justin “TRUDEAU”.

The pending economic collapse on Justin Trudeau’s watch

Keynesian economics and Modern Monetary Theory(MMT) both favor Champagne socialism, I argue that Champagne socialism thinking led to the creation and demand for Karl Marx, people forget, that Socialism, namely democratic socialism predates Karl Marx and Marxism is merely a more aggressive form of Democratic Socialism. If you have a low financial IQ, the Champagne socialists can tell you the words you want to hear in the manner you’d like to hear them and it’s not until the economy collapses that you’ll realize you’ve been doped. History repeats itself and pandering to the left is a dumb idea by the Conservative Party machine.

The failure of Erin O’Toole is simple, during the campaign trail he sounded like a TYRANT, the Liberals are masters of understanding how the Leftist mind works, Left-leaning Conservatives on the other hand are forced to play a balancing act, picking and choosing when to appease their Leftist masters, when Conservatives do this they alienate Conservative voters, whom they take for granted.

a clueless Erin O’Toole was banking on the guaranteed Conservative vote, spoke like a tyrant, when he spoke I began imagining him as a leader and it was terrifying, even more so than Justin Trudeau, who at the very least keeps all of us on high alert, Erin O’Toole came across as the type of tyrant that would hit many of us by surprise, making matters worse on cue Brian Mulroney endorsed O’Toole!

When I predicted Erin O’Toole would win the 2021 election I was banking on a surging NDP, wishful thinking on my part? absolutely! But the mere fact that the Conservatives are reliant on vote splitting to win elections tells you the state of the Party moving forward.

Economic collapses are usually opportunities for economic change, we’re at zero percent interest rates, the Canadian economy can’t grow without borrowing money we can’t pay back and Justin Trudeau’s economy is based heavily on more REGULATIONS on the private sector.

We’re headed for economic doom and maybe Canadians have to learn things the hard way, the stupidity of the Conservative Party machine is that pandering hasn’t worked and they squandered a huge opportunity to grow their Conservative base

Maxime Bernier found nearly one MILLION new Conservative voters without the help of the Mainstream media Imagine if the Conservative Party machine wasn’t so SHORTSIGHTED!

Interesting times ahead!