First thing I would like to point out is that this post is only about is just another fake news website, this one uses the name Samantha Jackson to sell to try to lure people into signing up. I don’t want to tell people wha to do with their money but I high recommend not signing up for anything recommended by Samantha Jackson or consumer daily.

In my opinion Samantha Jackson is nothing more than fictitious character created to make the website look legit in the eyes of the average internet surfer.

Another thing i want to point out is website now first and foremost i want to tell anyone that is thinking of signing up with the website make sure you first read the terms and conditions before you enter your credit card.

the terms and conditions of this website can be found by going to the follow webpage.

but i’ve taken the time to show it here on this website you might want to read it before signing up. Also i want to keep you aware that i live in upstate new york. You might be living in a different state or country and might be seeing a different terms and conditions page that being said make sure you read before you sign up with them. the terms and conditions are below.


* I understand that I will be charged $9.95 in Shipping & Handling to receive the kit. I understand that I will be granted a 14-day grace period in which to review this material and choose to keep the kit or to return it. If I do not return the kit to the seller within 14 days, I will be charged an additional $39.95 on my credit card to cover the full price of the materials. If I return the kit within 14 days, I will not be charged the additional $39.95, however, I will not receive a refund of the $9.95 for Shipping and Handling. I understand that I may request a refund of $39.95 upon the return of the entire kit to the seller for up to 90 days after I receive it, however, the Shipping & Handling charge of $9.95 will not be refunded.


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