a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Consumer Price Inflation Leads To Economic Deflation: Immoral Liberal Voters In Canada Bet Big On Their Tyrannical Leader, But The Price Tag For His Buffoonery Is Destroying The Economy – September 10, 2022,

As of today’s date, one of the things I got WRONG was that I assumed Tiff Macklem would have taken interest rates NEGATIVE; I’m actually happy I got that call wrong because if it’s one thing I knew was coming was economic deflation, and in my mind, I knew the reason for economic deflation would have revolved around Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels.

Whether you like it or not, our current standard of living revolves around fossil fuels, and this DEFINITELY will NOT change if the world does not take a DIVERSIFIED approach to energy production; by that I mean this one size fits all approach to energy which Justin Trudeau is attempting to implement has hyperinflation of the Canadian dollar written all over it.

I’m rather impressed that Tiff Macklem appears to have recognized that it’s time to reign in government spending. Justin Trudeau, at least presently, doesn’t appear to comprehend the changes in the world that could be unfolding in 2022 to avoid economic collapse. I don’t want to get my hopes up because as I’m writing this I find that I’m putting too much faith in central banks(not a good sign), and unlike the free market determining interest rates or the cost of money, central banks could reverse course for their own POLITICAL reasons.

Why Conservative Party of Canada Frontrunner Pierre Poilievre is Beginning to Annoy Me


Pierre Poilievre is in his right to complain about central bank policies, but I’m equally in my right to complain about what Pierre Poilievre is trying to accomplish. One of the main things I disagree with Libertarians on is central banking, Libertarians and a lot of Conservatives imagine central banks as the root of all evil, whereas I imagine DEMOCRACY as the root of all evil; I’m of the belief that there was a DEMAND for an elastic money supply as well as a DEMAND from the PEOPLE for a central bank.

When I hear Pierre Poilievre complain about Tiff Macklem’s PAST actions, I’m reminded of Stephen Poloz, the central banker appointed by Stephen Harper, who I regard as the WORST central banker in Canadian history. Even if Tiff Macklem drops interest rates to zero tomorrow, based on what Tiff Macklem did in 2022, he, in my mind, is already better than Stephen Poloz.

As it stands now, I’m wondering if Pierre Poilievre as prime minister, will hire a more dovish Central banker to replace Tiff Macklem. Because if this is what he plans to do, it’s going to seriously irritate me. Zero Percent Interest Rate policies under Stephen Poloz created asset price inflation that has WORKING CLASS CANADIANS in their 40s and 50s still living at home with their parents.

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One of the reasons Stephen Harper lost to Justin Trudeau was because Harper REFUSED to address this. Every Conservative knew that Stephen Poloz should NEVER have raised interest rates, but Stephen Harper had an election to win, so when the race was between Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau wiped the floor with Harper; why? Because MORAL Conservatives couldn’t show up to the polls to support Zero Interest Rate Policy.

Although Justin Trudeau doesn’t have the financial or economic IQ to fix the housing situation in Canada, he promised voters he would, something Harper couldn’t coherently promise because home prices had SKYROCKETED under his watch and Stephen Harper’s 2015 platform revolved around protecting existing homeowners nest egg.

Pierre Poilievre, in case people don’t know, is a real estate investor; if I were the Liberal Party of Canada, I’d bring up the fact that Pierre Poilievre wants lower interest rates so the value of his house can appreciate. What can Pierre Poilievre say negatively about Tiff Macklem in September 2022? That Tiff made some mistakes in the middle of a pandemic? Trudeau can easily respond that Canada’s institutions were doing what they thought was right at the time, and sure, mistakes were made that we can all learn from, but together Canadians can weather the storm and our Liberal government wants to bring Canadians together, and the Liberals reject this decisive rhetoric.

Even if you’re a fan or supporter of Pierre Poilievre, I hope you can see where I’m going with this. Pierre Poilievrewould be wise to abandon his rhetoric towards Tiff Macklem TODAY because times have changed, and if Tiff Macklem continues to raise rates, he definitely has my support; I still like the LIBERAL appointed Mark Carney more than Stephen Poloz.

What I’m getting at here is that you can’t beat immorality with immortality. One of the interesting things that came to my attention during the Conservative debates was the Pierre Poilievre position on supply management; at the time I couldn’t believe that I said to myself at the time that Patrick Brown had the best answer when questioned on supply management.

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You could see Pierre Poilievre sell his soul on camera when questioned on supply management; if Pierre Poilievre hopes to win Quebec, he’d better be pro-Supply-Management one of the reasons Maxime Bernier has been relegated to a government critic as opposed to a Member of Parliament is his position on supply management.

Obviously, I can’t vote for Pierre Poilievre after he took such an extreme position, but just like the Liberals voter, a lot of Conservative voters will support Pierre Poilievre for the GREATER GOOD of the nation. With all of this immorality, I hope you see why the most immoral Prime Minister in Canadian history reigns supreme.

Why should you only be partially immoral when you can be a TYRANT – The coming Justin Trudeau economic collapse


Left-wingers tend to be not only greedy but extremely immoral and Left-wingers will destroy a great nation, they’re usually the ones responsible for destroying countries as their GREED a lust for THEFT, fuels them to enact policies that serve their lust for blood. Left-wingers believe in wealth redistribution, which from a personal standpoint means that because you’re more successful than your neighbor, your neighbor will use the force of the police to make the two of you equal.

You might, in your mind, think that’s not a big deal until you learn that the more successful person in life was likely working hard, while the neighbor was hardly working. Now imagine your hard work was stolen from you because of a democratic process. That’s why you’ll often hear Left-wingers talking about democracy and collectivism.

Eventually, working-class people embrace collectivism; a lot of working-class people are part of some sort of labor union; they unionize to squeeze profits out of their employer, which is an admission to themselves that they’re disinterested in starting their own business. Most business owners work WAY more than 40 hours a week, as a business owner, I’d be BORED working 40 hours a week, being that I also used to be part of a union, one of the things that used to annoy me about working under a union was that working hard was FROWNED upon, by your fellow union members.

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Because, after all, as uno=ionized labor, we’re getting paid by the hour, so why work harder? We’re not going to be paid more, correct? In the political realm, you can see why collectivist groups are attracted to tyrannical politicians because, in their minds, they’ve abandoned VOLUNTEERISM and, instead, have embraced the idea that you only play to win!

Justin Trudeau, when it comes to politics, plays to win; he’s a second-generation politician, he’s likely learned a thing or two from his father and his followers EXPECT Trudeau to do or say anything that will help him to win an election and that includes DESTROYING the Canadian economy. The common weakness amongst Left-wing voters is their lack of understanding of the economy.

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Left-wing voters imagine the economy the way they imagine social engineering; with Left-wing voters, they CONFLATE all issues, prices are going up because the bad guys are winning, we’re losing abortion rights because the bad guys are winning, and the climate is changing because the bad guys are winning, etc. Because collective thought requires very little critical thinking, the tyrant has an easier time simplifying his message to the masses.

We don’t have a gold standard because people don’t want to think critically about BARTERING. Money is nothing more than a convenient form of barter, currency on the other hand, is similar to a store coupon, the currency survives as long as the Store survives, and for most people, they’ve grown to conflate currency with real money.

Left-wingers eventually kill the goose that lays the golden egg because they imagine CURRENCY is money, but currency is NOT money; if the currency was real money, Justin Trudeau could not buy votes without IMMEDIATE consequences. In the Romon empire as an example, when the emperor or even during periods of the Roman Republic, in order for the empire NOT to go bankrupt, the ruling class had to conquer lands and enslave the people they conquered to WORK FOR FREE!

When money is indeed REAL, the cost of living is EXTREMELY important, and you can clearly see that Justin Trudeau, with all of his regulations on the Canadian economy, does NOT comprehend this. Justin Trudeau regulates, vote buys and makes very poor investment decisions, and it APPEARS to me that Tiff Macklem understands what’s going on, but it goes further than that, it appears DISGRACED Former Finance Minister Bill Morneau understand the mistakes Trudeau is making also.

Current UNQUALIFIED Finance minister Chrystia Freeland clearly has NO IDEA what she’s doing; both she and Justin are decedents of Liberal politicians, both lived lives of privilege, and both appear to have NO idea the destruction they’re creating for Canada. Even if Justi Trudeau loses, it appears to me that Canada will replace one tyranny for another, as I’ve grown to like Tiff Macklem more than I like Pierre Poilievre, and if Pierre Poilievre replaces Tiff for someone more dovish, you’d better believe that I’m going to be writing about it.



Morneau slams Trudeau government—then doubles-down on its misguided policies | fraserinstitute.org

former Finance Minister Bill Morneau harshly criticized the Trudeau government’s economic policies. During his time in office, he said, the government spent too much energy finding ways to redistribute Canada’s wealth and too little trying to increase our collective prosperity.

Interesting times ahead!