Consumer Village Review – Is it a scam?

Consumer Village is a paid survey opportunity offered by a market research company Gongos, found at Gongos claims that their company is “harnessing the power of consumer ideas.” It further claims that even leading manufacturers and Fortune 500 Companies rely on them to develop new products.

Aside from paid surveys, Consumer Village also has forums where members can exchange consumer ideas on products, product improvements and other consumer issues.

More about Consumer Village

In order to be part of this opportunity, you need to fill out Consumer Village’s form which basically requires your name, address, gender, age, and other information needed by companies. It may even ask you of your occupation, educational level, and whether you have kids or pets. Joining Consumer Village is free of charge.

After becoming a member of Consumer Village, you will be invited to take surveys and become part of product panel. Completing any of these will make you earn tokens which you can exchange for Amazon gift cards.

Final thoughts on Consumer Village

Consumer Village is a legit paid survey opportunity. However, you must remember that paid surveys like this will only help you earn additional cash and thus, shouldn’t be treated as a replacement of your day job.

Please leave your comments or your experience with Consumer Village below; it helps others.

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