Review – Is it a scam?

Consumer Lifestyles of is a website that claims to be an “all in one consumer website.” This site, which features information on companies from different industries like auto insurance, tech products, health, and many more, further claims to be the world’s leader when it comes to providing the best resources for consumers.

More about Consumer Lifestyles

Consumer Lifestyles turns out to be a hub for advertorials. An advertorial is simply a kind of advertising where it makes use of a certain type of writing style that makes the information appear to be neutral. This type of ad sells out to people because it makes them believe it has been written objectively where in fact, it isn’t. Advertorials are in reality, paid advertisements.

The use of advertorials has become controversial because it confuses readers. It is through these advertorials that many consumers fall into the traps of false advertising. As with Consumer Lifestyles, it ensures that regardless of being paid to promote certain companies, their writers still abide to the highest standards of truth and excellence.

Final thoughts on

The use of advertorials on websites make them less credible especially for those who are said to be providing helpful resources for consumers. Thus, whatever these sites claim, as long as they make use of advertorials, you have to make sure that you run your own independent search before taking into account their ‘reviews’ on a certain company.

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