Review Is It a Scam

Maybe it’s just a personal issue with me put i don’t like surprise up-sells. I understand it’s a part of sales but up-sells make me start asking a bunch of questions. One being being why didn’t you just tell me this right off the part, if you’re program is as good as you say it is why is it that you feel the need to up-sell me after you already took my money. This is my main issue and concern with On a different note some of the people who recommend this program “Mark Ling” are top level Internet Marketers who have become quite successful.

Does Their System Work

This is another issue I have with the Consumer Wealth System their system does work the methods used by it are proven but… well once you sign up you’ll get what i mean. They use words like no monthly fee on their first page but that will change once you pay your first fee. To me i just don’t see the point in that, but then again maybe i’m missing something here? In order for a work from home program to get my full recommendation it has to state everything on its front page.

Fool Me Once Shame on Me Fool me Twice shame on You

I can’t knowingly sell my soul for money, in my opinion the tactics used by scammers are similiar to the tactics being used by Consumer Wealth System. I don’t write just to make friends or tell people what they want to hear I write to make people think. My favorite program used to be Profit Lance mainly because what you see is what you got, I also used to promote Wealthy Affiliate for the very same reason. When i go into a store and want butter I want to know what my choices are upfront! don’t get me to buy the butter and then tell me oh well thanks for your purchase but did you know there’s a better butter available – let me go behind my counter pick it up and tell you all about it!—-> to me that’s just sneaky and makes me think twice about the first butter i already purchased.

My Final Thoughts on Daniel Turner & Marc Lindsay’s Consumer Wealth System

On that note is a good program all around, it’s unique in its own way just keep a note that there will be a few offers waiting for you after your first $37 payment. My issue with these offers is that they might make you a bit Dependant on the Consumer Wealth System which is something as an Internet Marketing entrepreneur i don’t really like. I personally prefer freedom meaning I would rather teach a person to learn the skills i know so they’re not Dependant on me to make themselves an income. If what i just said doesn’t make any sense to you give a try. It does have 60 day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose and I wish you the best of luck.

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