What is the best converting traffic?

To keep this straight to the point the best converting traffic online from my experience come from two places the first place being from having an email marketing list and second is from Banner advertising. In the past I would say to people to join an email marketing company such like Aweber However in 2013 I would personally recommend people sign up for Getresponse. Why you ask? Because Getresponse now has landing pages it’s cheaper and their services are just as good if not better than Aweber. From what I’ve seen Aweber seems to making cut backs where from my vantage point Getresponse seems to be extending its reach in the world of email marketing.

Now for most of you reading this you have small budgets which is the reason most people resort to junk traffic sites in order to build credibility here’s the thing if you continue down this path you will always have mediocre results. I highly recommend anyone reading this to check out Chris Farrell Membership. There are a lot of basic steps he covers that is ignored by most affiliates and most of the other programs out there. Don’t ever get it confused making money online is not complicated these so called guru’s just want to you think it’s complicated so they can up-sell and up-sell you some more. Remember Guru’s make money from people who purchase their bullsh*t. If you want to learn how to convert web traffic into sales I advise you to check out Chris Farrell Membership.

Having a product or service that people want!

Google Adwords has been bashed by every internet marketer on the net however for me banner advertising on Google is still the best converting it also costs a lot less than most people might think. The problem most people have with Google Adwords is they look at it as this complicated animal. Most people would rather spend 1 cent in advertising per visitor which is fine but what a lot of people still don’t understand is being seen on Google gives your site instant credibility and as long as you’re not trying to scam people and you have a product that people want your business will grow. The hardest part for most people to grasp is having a product or service that people want and relaying that message to a potential buyer. This where I make money with Google Adwords. Unlike most of the people reading this I don’t make my money selling “get rich quick schemes”.

No I prefer industries like party supplies, janitorial services, car parts and other areas because you see in these arenas people aren’t skeptical people are looking to buy something with an industry like this a simple ad with a shiny car and some words like “keep your car shiny all the time”  is all I need to get a person to enter their name and email address. This is where Adwords can work in your benefit where Adwords doesn’t work is when you say something like ” I made a million dollars overnight using this simple formula” When you say stupid crap like this your prospective buyer instantly starts to wonder if this is a scam? and that’s how you’ll throw your money down the drain. Everyone knows how to make money and truth be told people only think about money when they have none when people have money you know what people usually do? They usually spend it on things they desire! I prefer to play in these arenas and this is one of the reasons I’ve been able to work from home.

Banner Advertisements and why they work

If you target a banner advertisement in high traffic spot and you relay a message in the correct way you will get high quality traffic. I’ve done the testing and banner adverts for me lead to people remaining on my website for at least 3 minutes this is where places like Bing, Adwords, and yahoo yield so much power. If you put yourself in the right niche and have a way to contact your buyers and have a good traffic source skies the limit for you and your online business. Again I highly recommend checking out Chris Farrell Membership and find a niche that preys on the desires of people also get comfortable with Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing Advertising.