Corporate Welfare Climate Change: Vancouver Hit Its Coldest Temperature In Half A Century & The ‘Extreme Cold’ Will Continue – December 29, 2021

So, for many of us, we’re used to the government lying to us, prior to the internet many of us would be subscribed to news and/or magazines that would give us the actual facts that would refute the claims made by our government, in the modern era, the internet that the mainstream media likes to discredit often helps us to discover what going on.

Oftentimes left-wing media outlets report the news but bury the truth in sections of their website, that most people aren’t going to read or even understand. If you care to do the research, it’s usually pretty easy to find the information so you can continue to do your own independent research. We can never know for sure what’s happening with our planet, but one thing is for sure, our planet can wipe us out anytime it feels like it. One massive volcano eruption and we’re yesterdays news

Volcanos and asteroids aside, our suns behavior has been known to change the weather and since 2020 the suns behavior has been changing and obviously, this is going to change the weather on earth, but I digress.

The sun is experiencing a less active phase called ‘solar minimum,’ but it won’t cause an ice age |

In Vancouver, Canada their extreme left-wing policies haven’t been working out so well, in fact, it’s been about 20+ years since what should be Canada’s most wealthy province hasn’t been performing as well as it once has. People like me would argue Left-Wing politics are to blame, the Leftists will argue it’s something else. One thing is for sure, the return on investment for all those high taxes the people of B.C pay haven’t led to much of an increase to their standard of living.

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, Alberta shouldn’t be Canada’s wealthiest province, B.C should be Canada’s wealthiest province and it shouldn’t even be a close race. When you live in a coastal province, State, city, country, it’s only natural for you to assume that natural wealth afforded to you is infinite, and therefore engaging in left-wing politics is affordable, but there does come a time in which it’s time to pay back the piper.

Is Canada there yet? No, I think Canadians need to feel more economic hardships of left-wing politics before things start to change, but for now, we’re seeing the early signs of economic collapse. Although I’m not completely against fiat money, the problem with fiat money is that it allows bad ideas to flourish, if Canada’s money was backed by something tangible, trade deficits would be taken more seriously, meaning that dumb left-wing ideas would be allowed to fail.

In this era, dumb left-wing ideas have all sorts of derivatives and when the economy really starts to have problems, most people won’t even know what the culprit is. The government doesn’t work for free, if it did, totalitarian governments could successfully nationalize everything without consequence, the government is an economic strain on private-sector economic activity.

These unnecessary regulations government puts on the private sector eventually create SHORTAGES, luckily for Canada, we’ve had communist Chin make all of our stuff, in exchange for Canadian dollars. Well, this weaponized system of money has a downside that leaves Canada vulnerable and dependent on China. While we battle a political, corporate welfare-infused climate change problem, Canada’s dependence on a nation that doesn’t share its values continues to rise.

Because political change is something similar to a religion, the political greater good, will leave Canada very vulnerable in the event that the earth starts to cool down! Solar and Wind and lithium batteries are no match freezing cold temperatures.

Vancouver Hit Its Coldest Temperature In Half A Century & The ‘Extreme Cold’ Will Continue |

Interesting times ahead!