Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Corporatism Vaccine and Economic Deflation: Canada getting vaccine passport for international travel, more corporatism grips the Canadian economy – August 11, 2021,

So as expected Canada votes for a man who admires China’s basic dictatorship so Trudeau’s cabinet looks to mirror Chinese laws that appeal to their inner communist. Before an economy crashes all the signs are there, I believe it was yesterday the Liberals announced they were subsidizing ‘Moderna, Inc’ with some corporate welfare scheme, ell now with this news, you’re seeing the entirety of their welfare scheme.

Moderna Plans Factory in Canada to Make mRNA Vaccines | bloomberg.com

I’ve been writing negatively about Universal Health care for years, but Canadians love some government welfare, so, here we go. This unfortunately is going to lead to an increase in joblessness as well as a spike in consumer prices. If Justin Trudeau calls an election, this issue alone might cost him millions of votes if his opposition simply says we’re getting rid of vaccine passports.

Now, just being honest, I’m not sure how Canadians are going to react to this, I’ve listened to progressive types and they’re really high on Welfare and some really do love Justin Trudeau, however, there’s opposition to Justin Trudeau and his corporatism and that opposition is fierce, I’ve never seen so many angry Canadians before.

But they’re not overtly angry I’d say they’re testy, it’s very hard right now being a productive Canadian, Canadian consumers are still very rude and when your labor is priced down, the cost of living is rising and your options are shrinking???

For myself, I see an economic contraction coming because despite what people might imagine there are also people that don’t like dealing with the government, and these vaccine passports are an intrusion that is going to result in all sorts of odd behavior that I personally can not predict because each human will adjust their behavior in a manner they deem fit to avoid government regulations.

When the government made certain drugs illegal, people who like consuming those drugs didn’t stop consuming, but they did begin to change their behavior and the war on drugs has become deflationary for the economy, as government resources now have to be sent to solve a problem that was created by the government.

Canada getting vaccine passport for international travel | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead