a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Covid-19 Doesn’t Create Government Regulations: Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra Attempts to blame a Non-Human known as COVID-19 for airport delays – August 21, 2022,



When Justin Trudeau got caught wearing blackface so many times he couldn’t remember, he apologized; his loyal supporters, which include Blacks and South Asians, were enough to win him both in the 2019 and 2021 elections. Instead of simply admitting incompetence, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra is trying to blame the ether.

Apparently, Covid-19 writes UNIQUE regulatory laws that only exist in the Canadian Federal Government. Based on the Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, COIVD-19 is in control of him? One of the problems with Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is that the people he hired were given their positions not because of their COMPETENCE level; they were given their positions to meet gender and racial quotas.

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When Barack Obama became the first Black President, sure, those of us who HATE socialism didn’t like it, but STUPID didn’t come to mind when we thought about Barack Obama; when Margret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, incompetence never came to mind, because these individuals EARNED their positions and were the best people in their political Parties for the job.

In Canada, people tend to forget that the Liberal Party of Canada was dying until Justin Trudeau came along. I bring this up because you’re noticing that NOBODY in the Liberal Party appears poised to replace him when he’s gone. Modern Canadian Liberal voters have a cult of personality worship for Justin Trudeau and his regime.

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Often is the case when you read positive reviews about Trudeau and his cabinet on-or-offline, the Trudeau cheerleaders BLINDLY follow the man. However, Trudeau, the drama teacher, does have the political savvy to avoid digging himself into a hole. I may not like the tactics used by Trudeau, but he’s used these tactics at the right time, and they’ve worked out well for him.

His cabinet, on the other hand, were talking about Chrystia Freeland, Steven Guilbeault, Pablo Rodriguez, or Omar Alghabra to name a few, it’s pretty obvious to anyone observing them that they’re insensitive to the needs or demands of Canadians, and they don’t appear to have much INDEPENDENCE from their leader, As we’ve noticed with Steven Guilbeault, Pablo Rodriguez their goals appear aligned with goals of the World Economic Forum, their only problem has been superseding Canadian law, which they could ultimately do, HOWEVER, the actual implementation of ENFORCING draconian laws as we’re seeing with the Airport fiascos isn’t as easy as it looks.

Imagine for a moment that Pablo Rodriguez was successful in bringing Chinese-style censorship to Canada; it’s one thing to have the law on the books, but it’s another thing to actually ENFORCE the law. Justin Trudeau banned all sorts of guns but gun crimes in Canada haven’t stopped, but let’s say they did stop gun crimes, next on the list will be KNIFE crimes because violent criminals aren’t going to stop doing committing the crimes they intend to commit just because the Federal government created a law, the only people who obey laws are LAW abiding people.

And what more UNNECESSARY government regulations do is they turn more people into criminals UNECESSAILY, and this is unhealthy because the Liberals are increasing the pool of criminals, many of whom would OTHERWISE be productive members of society. One of the reasons many of us argue to ABOLISH the minimum-wage law is because, with this law that makes working illegal if an employer doesn’t pay a high enough wage, you get a lot of low-skilled workers, either on welfare or committing crimes because they don’t have the skills or the money to qualify for higher skilled jobs. So a minimum wage law doesn’t only destroy manufacturing; it’s also a regulation that creates CRIMINALS!

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The real reason there are all of these airport delays is that Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra and the Federal Liberal Party of Canada made the decision to turn more Canadians into CRIMINALS. If you don’t have the ArriveCAN APP, you’re treated like a criminal; if you’re a Federal Employee that is not vaccinated to government standards, you’re treated like a criminal.

I’m certain in the minds of Trudeau’s cabinet, when they were writing these NEW rules and regulations, they did not imagine behaviors would change, and this is one of the problems I have with NON-Business people being in the Federal government. Business people know a slight change in price, or a slight change in the manufacturing of their widget or food product, could cost them thousands of customers and EMPLOYEES.

In Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, along with his loyal supporters, it’s hard for them to comprehend a change in behavior by people once Trudeau’s government attempted to NORMALIZE things like the ArriveCAN APP or forced vaccinations for Federal employees. Most business people know about this stuff because they’ve been dealing with the PUBLIC for DECADES; humans are NOT robots. To this very day, in socialist countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and China, a lot of the UNPRODUCTIVE behaviors of the people revolve around DOMESTIC government regulations.

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In Cuba, their government regulations are why a lot of citizens don’t care to open a business; people who never started a business assume it’s the U.S embargo on Cuba that makes the country poor; no, the reason Cuba is poor is because of their countries DOMESTIC regulations on their citizens, if you’re a Canadian and you can still travel to Cuba, you should go there and pay close attention to large a role the FEDERAL government of Cuba plays in peoples everyday life.

It’s cool to blame the U.S embargo on Cuba as the root cause of Cuban poverty, but the U.S has an embargo on a lot of countries; Venezuela has actually gotten richer since Joe Biden took office.

Venezuela’s Economy Seen Growing Most in 15 Years as Oil Flows | bloomberg.com

Cuba could actually make the U.S drop its embargo on them, but their government is ECONOMICALLY incompetent. One of the problems with the Castro regime is that they were never business people; Castro was an academic who came from a rich Cuban family; similar to Justin Trudeau, Fidel Castro never had to work a hard day in his life with Fidel he loved socialism and waged a war against the imperfect Cuban capitalists, and he WON!

Now, obviously, being that Fidel Castro wanted to be consistent in his socialist beliefs, he began nationalizing and over-regualting private businesses; business people obviously left Cuban and were NEVER replaced. Because in order for private businesses to be in a region, they need to be incentivized; why would I do all of this hard work building a business only to have it stolen by a government that feels as though I’m making too much money or gaining too much power and influence?

Now, if you’re on the left side of the political spectrum, you look at Fidel Castro and Justin Trudeau as heroes for turning more citizens into CRIMINALS, but as you’re seeing with the Canadian airports and employee behavior, to date, none of the Federal governemnts regualtions are creating the results the imagined, and instead of Omar Alghabra taking responsibility for HIS RESPONSE to the disaster he created, he wants to blame a virus? Which is a lot like Leftists blaming the DOMESTIC Cuban economic disaster on the United States.

Is the success of South Korea and the failure of North Korea the fault of the U.S or the North or South Korean government’s systems of governance?

COVID-19 to blame for airport delays, says transport minister | cp24.com

Interesting times ahead!