Former Criminal Steven Guilbeault is Expendable to Trudeau: WE Charity affair, ethics commissioner rules Disgraced Bill Morneau broke ethics law three times, But Justin Trudeau is Innocent – May 13, 2021,

The first thing I’d like to write is that I’ve never been a fan of the now-disgraced former finance minister Bill Morneau, but he’s still Canadian and I still consider him family. Anyone who wants to read the details of the WE Charity affair knows it all centered around Justin Trudeau, now I’m sure disgraced finance minister Bill Morneau knew what he was getting himself into when he did what he did, but Mr. Villa in France thought his bro had his back.

Justin Trudeau’s bad-boy behavior is becoming more and more overt, if you follow Trudeau’s hiring patterns, he appears to be playing a game of chess. I always like to remind people that candidate Justin Trudeau had the support of a lot of rich and powerful people.

Justin Trudeau targets billionaires, tech moguls at secretive Sun Valley conference – CBC

Margaret Joan Sinclair knows the power of using the Trudeau name even if she divorced the poor bastard REMARRIED and then slapped the “Trudeau” back onto her name to be the beneficiary of WE Charities.

Although Steven Guilbeault seems determined to control what Canadians can say on the internet, he too is expendable to Justin Trudeau. In the United States, the Tech oligarchs are having a difficult time controlling the internet, in Canada, these tech billionaires that helped Trudeau get elected see the CRTC as their means to control what Canadians can listen to.

Now, if Steven Guilbeault gets to control speech online that’s a win for Trudeau, if he doesn’t Trudeau can simply get rid of him the way he did Bill Morneau and replace him with someone that can sneak a Bill C10 into law without anyone even noticing. You see the main problem with Steven Guilbeault is that he looks like a Marxist. Steven Guilbeault is disheveled, his piercing eyes, thick round glasses
and often filthy-looking presentation reminds us readers of what people wrote about Karl Marx.

Karl Marx often reliant on the financing of Friedrich Engels was dedicated to his belief in using the State to control society. Because of the bank of Canada which to date appears to be financing all of Justin Trudeau’s ventures, Steven Guilbeault has found his Friedrich Engels in Justin Trudeau and he’s attempting to maximize power to control what Canadians can publish about their government.

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

What Steven Guilbeault is doing has “Big Tech” written all over it, and it reminds me of disgraced finance minister Bill Morneau. This stain will be on Bill Morneau for the rest of his life and eventually, I suspect he will tell his side of the story. a lot of these Liberals are loyal to the Liberal party, which is why Justin Trudeau has been playing chess with his subordinates. But the truth eventually comes out.

Based on the mood of the Leftists in Canada, they appear content with Justin Trudeaus’ overt corruption, so I suspect that the Canadian economy will have to learn things the hard way. In life, there is no free lunch If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas! I say it with pride that Disgraced Finance minister Bill Morneau will have this stain on his record for the rest of his life, he was CONVICTED FOR BREAKING ETHICS LAWS three times.

He sacrificed himself for Justin Trudeau what a pity. Steven Guilbeault whether he knows it or not is working for big tech. I’ve listened to a lot of socialists and communists and most of them are easy to manipulate because they’ve swallowed collectivism whole. Justin Trudeau is a second-generation Prime minister, he might be dumb with the economy but knows how to manipulate people, Prime minister Black Face was RE-ELECTED. Even with the option of the NDP Canadian leftists doubled down on this man.

Trudeau is more clever than people are giving him credit for, but being that I study Leftists, they love a Hollywood drama, so it won’t surprise me if Canada’s Leftists triple and quadruple down on Justin Trudeau again!

Bill Morneau broke ethics law three times during WE Charity affair, ethics commissioner rules |

Interesting times ahead