Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Using The CRTC Steven Guilbeault wants Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Using The CRTC Justin Trudeau Plans To Keep Your Cell Phone and Internet Bills Amongst The Highest in World, Erin O’Toole claims he will reverse this Corporate Welfare if elected – September 7, 2021,

What’s been happening to Ontario-based telco companies like TekSavvy is indicative of why Canada has a BRAIN DRAIN problem. If Justin Trudeau is re-elected with a majority, one of his first plans is to use the CRTC to control how Canadians communicate online, in easy-to-understand terms The Federal Liberals will use the CRTC to silence dissension.

There’s already a media blackout on Teksavvy, which is one of the only small businesses in Canada willing to risk their business to speak out against the CRTC ruling which grants more corporate welfare to existing telco giants in Canada.

CRTC Decision Will Kill Telecom Competition, Guarantees Even Higher Prices: TekSavvy |

The CRTC rules are based on what the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications(CRTC) believe is the best for CANADA, which is why if the CRTC gets control of communication online, expect the internet in Canada to be as boring as CRTC controlled Canadian television. American’s aren’t necessarily more talented or entertaining per capita than Canadians, the problem with Canadian television is CRTC, if you push the envelope in Canada the CRTC might BAN you, similar to how the Chinese Communist Party bans Chinese people from speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party

The CRTC is one of the main reasons why Canada continues to go further left, it’s important to understand that Right Wingers who speak negatively about Big Government could equate to the termination of the CRTC. This is why you could see an ANTIFA member or someone on the Far Left being on the CBC, while a Libertarian voice might be banned.

Because the CRTC has so much power and influence over the narrative of Canadian society corporate welfare becomes a means to control a message of Liberty from spreading. In many instances now, Left-wingers consider “Liberty” a form of white supremacy? when most Liberty lovers hate all forms of collectivism, Fascism-corporatism is a big-government left-wing ideology, but because of entities like the CRTC, most Canadians will have to do in-depth INDEPENDENT RESEARCH to learn that fascism is a branch of socialism.

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Justin Trudeau had since 2015 to lower your cell phone bills? He’s done nothing, Trudeau has even bailed out luxury auto dealerships, he’s been involved in several scandals, and has been bailed out the PRIVATE SECTOR media. You have to be a real idiot if you’re a billion-dollar PROTECTED private media company and you can’t make money online.

But several private media outlets in Canada can’t make a profit, and one of the reasons Private mainstream media in Canada struggles to make a profit is because of the CRTC, shielding them from the competition. That’s the problem with protectionism, protected industries aren’t flexible, they’re top-heavy, so they often find themselves on the wrong side of innovation as established government-protected industries imagine that they’ve “made it” and no longer have to worry about small upstarts.

Anyway, Erin O’Toole was smart to bring this subject up during the campaign trail as it might resonate with young people.

Lowering your bills | Réduire vos factures | Conservative Party on YouTube

Interesting times ahead!