CUPW is asking for new hires to help meet a 30 percent increase in parcel deliveries, as well as an end to forced overtime and pay equity for rural carriers.

Like seriously did you read the title of this post? Forced overtime, Forced Overtime, FORCED OVERTIME! Nobody forces anyone to do anything in Canada, we’re not slaves in this country. If you believe your labor and your time is worth more than Canada Post is willing to pay you, then QUIT! The beautiful thing about Canada is that we have freedoms, we’re not slaves, there is no individual or entity that hovers over us that demands that we work overtime or even work at all. Actually one of the beautiful things about living in Canada is our ridiculously generous welfare system, that I personally wished was abolished.

That aside there is no forced overtime at Canada Post what there is, is there’s an unwillingness for Canada Post workers to do it, however, those workers don’t want to quit because working for a UPS, DHL, FedEx for less money is beneath them, no instead they want to government to intervene and give in to their frivolous demands. How dare Canada Post offer me over time, and try to convince me to do it when I want to go home and collect this already inflated paycheck with these already inflated Canada Post benefits.

Canada Post employees better look at the revenue it received in 2017 divide it by the number of employees Canada Post currently has and research where the money from a defined benefit pension plan comes from. The United States Postal Service runs a deficit and constantly requires the U.S Government to bail it out because if they ever dreamed of charging the equivalent prices Canada Post currently charges to Canada’s while at the same time signing deals that benefit China, the American people would burn USPS to the ground.

Trudeau warns Canada postal strike must end as Christmas looms

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