Daily6News.com Scam

Everytime and anytime i see one of these fake news website i feel it’s my duty to warn the public. I want to make this clear that to date i have note heard a single positive story coming out of any of these fake news websites. I want to make this clear Daily6News.com is not a real news website it’s nothing more than a “advertorial” Which means it’s sole purpose is to get you to purchase a product that it is recommending.

I would also like to point out that it’s come to my attention that the Daily6News.com website that i am seeing might not be the same Daily6News.com you are seeing and the recommended product that i am getting might be completely different from the one you are getting. This is done (In my opinion) to keep the public unaware of any Scam the company might be trying to pull. Also read this found at the bottom of the Daily6News website.


“Home Income Kit T&C: After the 7 days, on Day 8, if you decide to keep the iSpeedway program, it will be yours for the first time single payment of $129.95. After the frist installment, the subsequent fee is $69.95 a month. The monthly fee includes hosting on the iSpeedway server, access to the drop ship warehouse, unlimited technical support on toll free numbers and online help. The monthly fees following the 7 day trial are charged to the credit/debit card on file that was used for the activation/licensing fee. There are no long term contracts or commitment required. To cancel, please call 1-888-8777-3336.”


Samantha Jackson Scam

This brings me to Samantha Jackson in the Daily6News.com website I am seeing they are using a possibly fictitious character named Samantha Jackson to give there fake news website the appearance or illusion of a real work at home success story. I have reported fake news websites like this before and the results are always the same. In that the customer signs up for a trial of say $2.00 and then a wake later they are hit with $100 on their credit card.

So my advice is STAY AWAY from Daily6News.com don’t sign up with anything that is linked to them don’t believe anything they have to say or recommend. At the end of the day the decision is yours I don’t like being told what to do so I won’t tell you what to do but my recommendation is DON’T JOIN also I want to again point out that Samantha Jackson the one on the Daily6News.com Website or any other fake news website is most likely a fictitious character only used to deceive unsuspecting customers into buying into the any program that Daily6News.com is recommending.

cpk.theonlinebusiness.com SCAM!!!

I am currently living in Upstate New york and when i click the recommended link from Daily6News.com it brings me to cpk.theonlinebusiness.com for you depending on your location it might bring you to somewhere else the bottom line is I recommend yo DON’T sign up and also recommend if you have signed up that you call your credit card company immediately because this scam artists will hit your credit card with some surprise charges I have a mountain of horror stories both in my email address and on this website alone of unsuspecting customers being hit with unexpected charges.

I beg of you not to sign up with this company although I don’t know you personally I find it my duty as a veteran who makes money online to warn you about the this program and what these people are doing. At the end of the day the decision is yours but don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Anyone reading this please add your story below by not leaving your story below you are helping this scam to continue so please leave your story or some information you have found out either about Samantha Jackson, Daily6News.com or cpk.theonlinebusiness.com or even Kelly Richards thank you.

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