Review – Is it a scam?

Data Money Online of is a website that claims to help anyone earn money online through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legit form of making money online. In this practice, you partner with various companies and depending on your terms, you may be called to introduce and promote their products and services through a link or an ad. If what you posted resulted into a sale, you will be paid with a commission.

More about Data Money Online

Data Money Online doesn’t really provide you directly with an affiliate marketing opportunity. For a one time fee of $197, you will be provided with a list of companies you can partner or affiliate with. Other than that, you will also be provided with an ad copy. Whenever the ad you posted resulted into a sale, you earn a commission.

As whether or not they change their web copy regularly and the list of companies is not clear. What they could promise is that you could start earning a decent amount online by just signing up with them.

Final thoughts on

Although affiliate marketing is a legit money-making opportunity, you have to be careful with some companies claiming to help you in earning a huge amount, without you really have a clear idea as to what you want. As with Data Money Online, it seems that its process/system that they are promoting isn’t as clear and organized as they should be.

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