Date Hook Up of is one of the growing number of dating websites that offer 100% free membership. It doesn’t offer or sell premium memberships so all members have an equal opportunity to enjoy the site’s features.

Just like any other dating website, signing up is necessary to become part of Date Hook Up. You will also be required to create a profile and add your photos. You will  be provided with an opportunity to introduce yourself well through your personality essay which is part of your profile.

Features of Date Hook Up

By signing up with, you can set up your profile, add your photos, perform searches of other members, see other profiles, email other members, save your searches results, start and maintain your own blog, let your opinions heard through its forum sections, and make live contact with other members through its instant messenger tool.

The website also has a reasonably sized membership, good enough for one to find a suitable date. It also features the member’s latest activity such as the time the member has recently log-in. In this way, you know that you’re chasing someone who’s also interested in finding a date.

Final thoughts on

Although it doesn’t offer premium membership, the website has great features, some even surpassing those sites with premium membership offer. Aside from its instant messenger, blogging, and email features, the other thing that makes admirable is its effort to bring singles together through its local singles’ events and activities.

This website is definitely one of the best free dating websites that’s worth your visit.

My personal favorite dating site is because they’re so mainstream. You’ll find a lot more people joining them daily which will drastically increase your chances of finding that special someone.

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