Review – Is it a scam? is a penny auction website that offers brand new and factory sealed items. It claims that users can get these items including those in demand products like HD TVs and iPads for up to 95% discount.

In order to get started at, you need to sign up by supplying your full name and email address and nominating a username and password. Once you sign up, DealCent will award you with 5 free bids. Additional bids can be purchased from the site. Depending on the number of bids that you want, bid packages can range from $52 for 75 bids (70 cents/bid) to $250 for 500 bids (50 cents/bid).

What are Penny Auction Sites?

Penny Auction sites are the latest craze in the online auction community. In this kind of auction, bidders pay-per-bid for an item. Every bid placed on an item will raise the item’s price and will create slight changes on the auction clock. The last person to place a bid on the item as the auction clock comes to an end will get the chance to purchase the item at its last auction price.

Final thoughts on

There’s really nothing unusual with as a penny auction site. It works the same way as others. However, there are complaints from previous users, accusing the site for false advertising of its bid price.

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Winning a brand new item at a fraction of its price may seems like a great deal. However, if you haven’t participated in any penny auction site before, it would be better to read about them first and find out if this kind of auction site suits you.

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