Review Is It a Scam

Compared to some of the other penny auction websites i’ve reviewed does a good job with transparency. At the top of their front page they clearly show the important aspects of their website. The name penny auction in my opinion is very deceptive because when a user places a bid the bid placed is never 1 cent. That being said on the top right of the deal dash website it clearly states “”Each bid placed raises the price by $0.01 and costs 1 Credit($0.60/Credit)”

What this means for users of is that it costs $0.60 to place a bid, although the price of the item moves up by 1 cent it actually costs 60 cents to place a bid. The main reason why i personally don’t like penny auction websites is because from my perspective using a penny auction website is like walking into a store handing the cashier my money just so i can pick up bid stick and wait for my desired item to go on auction. On top of this every time i place a bid I lose money. Its almost like gambling without the cash pay off. from Another perspective how Penny auctions make money

Most people think penny auctions make money from the bids placed but in actuality they make money from people purchasing bid packs. In comparing to you can see why most people would prefer There’s no such thing as a bid pack in eBay. There are benefits to penny auctions if a person wins but no auction website is designed to make majority of its users win. Deal Dash has a buy it now option for a reason, and most of the people who sign up will spend more money than they will make back in prizes.

Join DealDash just For Fun

This post is not intended to tell you what to do with your money. My advice if you are going to join is too approach it the same way you would a casino. If you win hey great if you don’t win at least you had a good time. Ive been in bidwars on eBay before and i get rush from that but what i like about eBay is that i only pay if I win. I don’t like having to pay just to play another thing i want to point out is time spent factor. Penny Auctions are not only expensive but they’re also time consuming.

If you read the top of their homepage or bid page it says “the timer bumps up to 30 seconds with each new bid” to me that’s pretty long and i could only imagine the amount of time some of you spend on that website. On that note their are some features about deal dash that i guess some people can appreciate, i just feel like the average consumer won’t be a long term subscriber to penny auction websites. Everyday a new penny auction website pops up and everyday another is shut down it should be interesting to see how deal dash survives the test of time.

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