Deflationary Economic Crash: Drew Pavlou an Australian student at the University of Queensland’s Expelled for speaking negatively of the Chinese Communist Party – May 24, 2020,

So in life sometimes things don’t pan out the way you think they should, instead, things happen the way they happen. Although Chinese students go to Australia to get a better education, oddly enough they feel loyal to the Chinese Communist Party, for I assume granting them the permission to go to school in a Western country?

In Western countries, Liberals are firm believers that money is everything, Liberals including classical Liberals, have a hard time comprehending, that capitalism has little to do with money and more to do with FREEDOM! The freedom of choice, the freedom of speech the freedom of assembly, Capitalism isn’t about the money it’s about the freedom, but with Liberals, their focus is often on the money or in the current era the fiat currency.

This is often the trap most Liberals fall into, is they genuinely believe money or having more money will solve their problems. Well, the reality is the lottery ticket winner often goes bankrupt soon after they win the lottery. The same is true for Liberals, they often go bankrupt or bankrupt society for money, because Liberals often choose security over freedom and money to most people is often a sign of security.

The reason I wrote the above two paragraphs is that the Chinese Communist Party is communist with Chinese Characteristics, which is another way of saying Chinese Communism is actually fascism! If you don’t know what fascism is, you’ll be unknowingly drawn into it.

Being that I’m a Canadian, I’m well aware of these Government entities known as Crown Corporations, which are State-Owned Enterprises which in my view makes them quasi-fascist entities. Why I’d prefer Crown Corporations be public sector entities outright is that if you’re unaware of what Fascism is, and your own government is engaged in quasi-fascist, it will be hard for you to recognize a national security concern when it’s presented to you.

Because Liberals ideology is dominant in Western society, I genuinely don’t think most Liberals fully comprehend that China or the Chinese comprehend how a market economy works. A market economy cares nothing for currency or money, a market economy revolves around owning ASSETS! If you’re a spy for the Chinese Communist Party you’re an asset, if you can be bought off for a few dollars, you’re an asset for the Chinese Communist Party, remember, the Chinese Communist Party wants to influence.

The Chinese Communist Party has made promises to its people to make the world it’s slave, that’s their end game, it’s how all totalitarian regimes operate. They want to enslave you and if they can give you a few dollars so you can sell out your country, they’ll do it!

The plan for the Chinese Communist Party has always been to make the world dependent on it and so far it’s worked or is working. But in reality, it could end quickly, but the world economy would have to deflate and that’s one of the topics I’ve been writing about for years now. Economic deflation, The Chinese Communist Party has been injecting poison into the global economy, they don’t report correct data, nobody trusts the Shanghai stock exchange, yet, we allow them to operate free as communists in our freedom-based, transparent western societies.

In all of this, the Liberals in Western Nations are the liabilities, because, for them, they approach everyone and every situation from a docile position. oh I’m only taking a few dollars the Liberal school teachers will tell themselves. It’s no big deal, someone else will solve this problem sometime in the future, I’m only trying to get paid to feed my family, they’ll convince themselves.

Because Liberals historically have thought of economics as something boring not worthy of discussing, Liberals are often the people who destroy societies at their core. Economics is everything, when people lose their standard of living, people’s behaviors change! That’s how this works, that’s why capitalism ways allowed to flourish in the first place, was because for whatever reason it created an abundance of stuff, so much abundance that it gave Liberals a platform to complain about!

The Liberals if you listen to their arguments all revolve around ending abundance and bringing back scarcity, but because Liberals don’t understand Austrian economics, they don’t imagine scarcity as giving power to an authoritarian entity, Liberals imagine scarcity as sharing equally,’ everyone should get what they want when they want it’ that’s how Liberals think and this stupidity allows them to feel justified in selling out their fellow countrymen for a few dollars!

I hope the world wakes up soon, this story about Drew Pavlou should be an eye-opener, if anything I hope COVID-19 has awakened people to realize that these Western Universities are preserving Western Values and if they’re going to get financing from the government, the people will need to take a more active role in how those schools are run!

Why I think deflation is on the horizon is because China will need to be blockaded from Western Democracies until they open up! We are getting the short end of the stick in all transactions with China! Yes cutting off China will be painful, but from what I understand Liberals love to make sacrifices for the greater good!

Interesting times ahead!