DEFUND THE CBC: CBC attempts to normalize Vaccine Passports, with biased Vancouver paramedic story – September 4, 2021,

From coast to coast in Canada, politicians and the Canadian public and corporate media are merging together to create a fascist State and if you’re a Canadian who dares to challenge Fascism, you’re being framed as an undesirable member of society.

Vaccine Passports are a very serious matter, the government is attempting to create a two-tier society, and oddly enough this two-tier society is targeting MINORITIES because as everyone knows, Black people globally and collectively want nothing to do with corporate vaccinations.

A lot of white Canadians and Americans have a lot of diseases because of poor BOTCHED corporate vaccinations. These corporate vaccinations are being forced on people, and Black people especially know about the history of white people forcing them to inject foreign medicines into their bodies that they didn’t want or even need.

These measures by Canadian governments to basically force Canadians to take vaccinations they don’t want have led to protests in Canada. No, Canadian wants anyone to die, but Canadian media always ignores Left-wing protests, Leftists have been burning down churches all summer, barely a beep, but now that there’s a pro-freedom-of-choice- protest that doesn’t align with the corporate media narrative, Canadian media goes out of their way to call it out.

By the way, if you haven’t been paying attention, Canadian media will often try to pretend these protests aren’t happening, but now that these protests are growing CBC is being forced to acknowledge it and their first acknowledgment of these growing protests is not to explain why Vaccine Passports is wrong, no instead they look for instances which they hope will make Vaccine Passports normal.

I like to point out that when people died in Canada and they had influenza in their system, these individuals wouldn’t be counted as “Flu deaths”, however Whenever anyone dies from the-corporate-welfare-virus-from-China even if that wasn’t the main cause of death it will be counted as the main cause of death.

So, these inflated death numbers have also resulted in the government finding more ways to be more authoritarian and Canadians want choices. The CBC is government-funded, so its very existence revolves around Canadians being forced to finance it. But as you’ll see based on the article below, the CBC is biased and goes out of its way to be biased. It’s not a public service, it’s the mouthpiece for the political establishment.

‘My last straw’: Vancouver paramedic on brink of quitting due to hospital protests | CBC

Interesting times ahead!