DiamondRewards.net Review – Is it a scam?

Diamond Rewards of DiamondRewards.net is a website that promotes another MLM or multi-level marketing strategy. This has been developed by internet entrepreneur David Wright. This opportunity allows you to earn money from selling precious gems and as well as in recruiting people to join your team and sell gems as well. It works on a matrix system although exact specifications to how it works are not stated in their website.

More about Diamond Rewards

Although signing up allows you to earn money from selling their products, much of the money you can earn from it comes from the commission in recruiting people. In order to join this program, you need to sign up and pay $300 which will allow you to purchase a sapphire. You can sell it and move your way around the system. When you cycle out of the Sapphire Board, you’ll move on the next. When you have cycled out of the Diamond Board, you will be paid with $15,000. However, the details of how you’re going to cycle out are not specified.

Members of the program do not just earn commissions in the form of monetary rewards when referring people to it or when a product sale has been made. They have the chance of getting other rewards like gems, spa packages, and even luxury cars.

Final thoughts on DiamondRewards.net

There have been mixed reviews on the money-making opportunity offered by Diamond Rewards. Positive reviews were given by those people who were able to refer people into the site. However, there were also reports of those who have not been paid. Thus, before you sign up, it would be better to weigh these reviews and get to know better first about this business opportunity.

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