Dibzees.com Review – Is it a scam?

Established in April of 2010, Dibzees is a penny auction website that claims to offer brand new, big-name products everyday. They further claim that users can purchase even the latest products like tablet PCs at an incredibly low price.

Just like any other penny auction site, each bid placed on the item will raise its price and will create some changes on the auction clock. In Dibzees, each bid will cause a 1 cent increase on the item’s price and add 15 more seconds on the timer. The last person to place a bid as the auction clock reaches zero wins. The winner will get the chance to buy the item at its last auction price.

More about Dibzees

Registration is needed before one can take part of the auction at Dibzees. Signing up is free of charge but one needs to purchase bids in order to get started. Each bid costs $.60 and comes in packs of 45, 85, 200, 600, and 1,000 bids.

Dibzees has Buy Now option where users can actually use their purchased bids placed on the auctioned item. They simply just have to click on the Buy Now button and wait for the calculated final price to be paid.

Final thoughts on Dibzees.com

Penny auction sites are fun but then, these are not for everyone. If you hate competition and don’t have the luxury of time to keep track of the auctioned item, then signing up and participating in a penny auction website is just a waste of money.

Dibzees.com works just like the typical penny auction site. However, there were complaints from previous users that the website doesn’t really offer what they’ve promised.

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