Did The Government of Ottawa Force You To Buy a $340,000 taxi plate license: The taxi industry sues Ottawa Canada, for $215 Million dollars because of significant financial loss since Uber – December 30, 2022,


Personally, I took some financial losses when Canadian voters decided to declare war on fossil fuels.  Last month when I looked at my gas bill for my home, I noticed a large uptick since last year via the carbon tax. Am I able to sue the Federal government for INNOVATING a new tax? Does my argument sound ridiculous?

If it does, the Taxi industry in the city of Ottawa, Canada, wants to be compensated for the investment RISKS some cab drivers took when they decided to become taxi cab drivers in the city of Ottawa. Apparently, the government of Ottawa was too slow to react to technological advancements.

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Most governments worldwide are still having a hard time regulating Bitcoin because when government regulates technology, it risks being left in the dark and also missing out on tax revenue.

The argument being set forth in the article I point to below appears centered on investment risks, which is an interesting case to make for the city of Ottawa. I would have assumed taxi cab drivers would have gone for the “essential service” argument, which is why I thought their industry wanted regulations in the first place.

When you argue that you want to be compensated because an investment is to go as planned, you run the risk of the defendant interpreting the regulatory law as a law designed not for profit but for the betterment of the city.

There are a lot of municipal industries and municipal contractors that suffer losses because the voting public decides to take a different path to prosperity. Regarding Uber, Uber can potentially bring massive present and future revenues to the city of Ottawa into perpetuity.

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Uber and other ride-sharing apps also help keep more people employed and enhance the quality of life for the city of Ottawa residents in ways the taxi cab industry never could.

In actuality, nothing stops a taxi cab driver from dumping their cabby license and becoming an uber driver, so in actuality, the only case the taxi cab lobby have is the investment angle.

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There is a possibility that the taxi cabs could win; if they do win, it’s more signs of overt corruption as lobbyist groups get to steal money from taxpayers because they invested in what they thought was a sure thing, lost their money and the people of Ottawa have to pay for their investment losses.

The people of Ottawa did not FORCE these taxi cab people to take this career path, sometimes people go to school and find out later that their Liberal Arts degree is worthless, are those former university students allowed to sue the school for presenting a Liberal Arts degree as a sure bet to making a GUARANTEED income for life?

Life is full of risks, and sometimes you’re on the losing end; I don’t think it’s taxpayers’ responsibility to compensate these tax cab lobbyists.

Taxi industry’s $215M lawsuit against city finally about to be heard | cbc.ca


Interesting times ahead!