Review is among the growing number of weight loss programs that you can find online. It’s not your typical diet program as it features the ‘Personality Diet.’ This special type of diet started with Dr. Robert Kushna, an American Medical Association weight loss expert. According to him, many dieters failed to achieve their weight loss goals not because of their diet but because there are some facets of their personalities that affects the way they response to that diet. Dr. Kushna believes that if a diet is specifically designed for a certain personality, then it would most likely help the individual in losing weight.

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Aside from the Personality Diet, also provides its users with customized meal plans, substitution ideas for food trigger, over 1,000 healthy recipes arranged according to meal, cuisine, and nutrition, and meal tracker tools. These meal tracker tools allow you to record your daily food intake and manage your calorie intake for a week or month.

Aside from its Nutrition Plan, is also concerned with the fitness level of its members. Thus, it offers animated workout demos, easy-to-use tools for tracking weight, fitness activities and glucose levels, fitness plans for toning particular parts of the body, and Target Zone encyclopedia, a list of the best exercises for a particular body area.

Final thoughts on’s Personality Diet may seems to be odd but then, it has been proven that it’s an effective approach to weight loss. This is perhaps one of the best features of the program.

Aside from its comprehensive nutrition and fitness plans, the site’s community support is also something worth commending. Members of won’t be having a hard time in staying motivated as it has a good support system. They can take part of the site’s blog, message boards, and groups. is definitely a good option for anyone who wanted to shed those extra pounds.

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