Diet Site of is not your typical weight loss website. It won’t tell you what to eat and what not to. What it offers instead are a bunch of helpful resources and tools to aid you in your weight loss goals. These tools are intended to support dieters while they’re on their progress to weight loss.

Its collection of resources and tools enable you to keep track of your weight changes and how every food you take and activity you do affects your weight loss progress.

More about Diet Site

One of the most amazing tools offered by the website is the Comprehensive Recipe and Food Analyzer. As its name implies, this tool provides comprehensive analysis of the food you eat.This resource has nutritional and calorie information for over 5,000 food items. Other than that, it also has the My Nutritional Needs tool that will provide you with information on your nutritional needs base on height, weight, age, and gender.

Diet Site has equally good fitness features. Its collection of exercise and fitness-related tools include an exercise planner where you could build your specific workout plan to complement with your diet. It also has this fitness logs, divided into 2: cardiovascular and strength training. For those who are into sports, Diet Site provides tons of ‘sports nutrition’ information for improving health and stamina.

Final thoughts on

While doesn’t have its specific diet and fitness plans, it’s still a a must-visit site for those who wanted to lose weight. Its vast collection of tools and other features can supplement well the current diet and fitness program you are into. What’s more, as a member of Diet Site, you can seek guidance from health professionals including nutritionists and dietitians. It also has good community support through chat rooms, forums, and message boards where you can connect with other Diet Site members.

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