Established in 1996, Diet Watch of started as a downloadable software where users can keep track of the food they eat, aiming to help them in their weight management. From offline diary, it has evolved to become an online diary then eventually into a full-featured weight loss program. Because of its growing number of loyal members and the quality of its services, Diet Watch has been featured by CNN, Forbes Magazine, and

Users have 2 options for their membership fee in Diet Watch. They could take the Weekly Plan at $2.99 per week or the Yearly Plan at less than $1.49 per week.

More about Diet Watch

It features 4 different meal plans: No Restrictions meal plan, Reduced Carbohydrate meal plan, Heart Healthy Mediterranean meal plan, and the Vegetarian meal plan. The No Restrictions meal plan is designed for members who are looking for a healthy and balanced diet and for those who have no specific dietary concerns or preference. The Reduced Carbohydrate meal plan, which is different from low carbohydrate diets like Atkins, Protein Power, etc., is ideal for those looking to cut down on their carbohydrate intake. It is said to reduce 40% of total calories. The Heart Healthy Mediterranean meal plan is for people looking for heart-healthy meals with the fusion of Mediterranean characteristics. And lastly, the Vegetarian meal plan, which is actually a lacto-ovo vegetarian plan, is designed for members who are looking for healthy meals without contents of chicken, meat or fish.

Just like other weight loss programs, Diet Watch also promotes the combination of balanced meals and physical activity to successfully achieve weight loss goals. It has several exercise programs including aerobic, strength training, and flexibility programs. It also provides users with tools like Exercise Tracker to check how many calories burned for each physical activity and Daily Calorie Balance for checking the overall calorie balance in a day.

Diet Watch sees to it that members are continually motivated. With the aid of its community support through experts and members, blogs, discussion boards, chat rooms, and its Find-a-Friend program, it aims to achieve such.

Final thoughts on

The number of years of its existence is a proof that has been providing quality services to its growing number of members. While its weight loss program is comprehensive enough, it could have been better if it provides more flexible meal and exercise plans as what other online weight loss programs offer. But overall, it’s a good site to start your weight loss plans.

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