DigitalFreedom.Academy Review – Is it a scam?

Digital Freedom Academy, which you can find at DigitalFreedom.Academy, is a website created by Hung Pham and Matt Stone. This website is all about helping you create your financial and personal freedom by guiding you on how to start your business online. Its founders claim that they’re able to achieve financial and personal freedom through the help of the internet.

More about Digital Freedom Academy

The birth of the internet has made it possible for many people these days to work and build their business anywhere around the globe. While there are several opportunities online, a lot of people are still apprehensive about it because of their lack of experience.

Digital Freedom Academy claims to help people get into becoming a digital worker or entrepreneur. They have a program and a book that can help people achieve their goal of eventually getting into web entrepreneurship/employment.

Final thoughts on DigitalFreedom.Academy

It looks like Digital Freedom Academy of DigitalFreedom.Academy hasn’t offered a course or sold their book yet. What they’re actually doing now is capturing their leads’ information so when the time comes that they’re ready to sell, they already have a list of people to send their promotional emails.

The goal of their program is interesting. It’s best to sign up with them with an email address that is different from your personal email. In this way, you’ll be freeing yourself from the possible hassle of sorting their promotional emails from the more important ones.

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