DionDataSolutions.net Review – Is it a scam?

Dion Data Solutions, which you can find at DionDataSolutions.net, is a company that specializes on data management services. They claim to handle several data projects of various companies and hence, need in-house and home contractors.

More about Dion Data Solutions

According to the company, they need more employees to help them deliver the services to their clients. Anyone can apply as long as they meet the minimum requirements. These include ability to use the computer and the internet. This also includes certain skills that are related to the use of the internet. These include emailing, attaching files, and so many more.

Other criteria of Dion Data Solutions for hiring workers include ability to type at least 60 words per minute, work with minimum supervision, can work with certain level of accuracy, and the ability to work on multiple projects without compromising quality.

There are also technical requirements for this job including a home desktop computer running on Windows XP x32 bit operating system.

Final thoughts on DionDataSolutions.net

There are different ways to make money online. While the offer of Dion Data Solutions sound interesting, the company fails to provide further information like the scope of the work and how much a person will be paid for. Applying to jobs like this and neglecting other information can be dangerous as you may end up working more and being paid less.

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