Review Is it a scam?

To start if you like to join forced matrix’s I think at least for now in November 2013 is an option to consider. Of-course as many of you know from similar schemes this things typically or inevitably crash however this can be said for any business. To people who are not familiar with how these things work. Forced matrix’s or any type of similar pyramid schemes are very risky by joining it is not guaranteed that you’ll make a profit or even get back your initial investment!

So if you join be warned that there is a chance that eventually or any similar program will fail and majority of the members especially the ones that came in late will lose their money. If you know this and you’re comfortable with how Direct Pay Biz works then give it a try for yourself. Personally I don’t recommend them and I won’t be signing up with them.

To get a better idea of how operates I highly recommend checking out their frequently asked questions section where they answer most of the questions the average user has. The portion that you should pay closest attention too in the FAQ section is the portion that reads “Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE” which one should expect when joining a program of this type.

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