Discrimination in Canadian Banking caught on tape: Royal Bank of Canada Denies Loan To Credit Worthy Jewish Man Because of his Political Views, revisiting Racist Banking practices – December 31, 2021,


So yeah… when private entities, as well as governments, begin picking winners and losers on the grounds of a political agenda, society is marching closer towards fascism. Hitler actually modeled a lot of his National Socialists agenda from the Democrats in the Southern United States. You’ll often read and listen to Black Americans in the then Jim Crow South talk about having their money confiscated by banks and also being denied loans from banks based on their skin color.

What’s often ignored about those cases was the Left Wing Democrat government’s involvement with these instances of tyranny. During the Jim Crow south days, TERROR was the name of the game, black people living in the Jim Crow South had to adapt to tyranny by keeping silent. They were after all the minority at that time and relatively powerless. This financial discrimination created an underground economy for black people, you see what people don’t like to tell you is how government REGULATIONS alter human behavior.

Have you met an Africa and compared them to an African American before? You’ll see some behavioral similarities, but you’ll also notice a lot of behavioral differences. a lot of Black Americans are very reactionary, their subculture has dissolved into a culture of paranoia, forget their voting patterns which appear to revolve around wanting some form of reparations, consider how their culture was possibly formed on the basis, that the government was picking winners and losers? When most blacks say the white man did this or that, they’re actually saying THE GOVERNMENT did this or that.

Jim Crow was a law imposed on people and you have to remember that these were former slaves, stripped of any culture and/or generational wealth. Now, if you ask the average person, they’ll argue suck it up, Jim Crown laws ended in 1965, get over it? Well, because people rarely talk about the ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES of Jim Crow, we’re doomed to repeat them in the modern era. Owner of Rebel News Ezra Levant was denied a loan on the grounds RBC’s head office didn’t want the political headache associated with being associated with his company RebelNews.

Now it’s one thing to be denied because you have horrible credit and zero chances of being able to service the loan, it’s something else when you catch an RBC officially caught on tape explaining that he can’t grant you a loan because the bank doesn’t like Ezra’s politics? Most Conservatives think it beneath them to bring race into the topic of discussion, but I’m a free thinker and I prefer to get people to think about things, from a global perspective.

Ezra is Jewish? Now, I’ve heard a lot of minority groups complain that they’re not qualifying for loans because of their skin color, ethnicity, or POLITICAL VIEWS? This case is actually a lot bigger than people imagine because let’s ignore Ezra Levant and his whole Conservative schtick for a moment, this is CLEAR CUT EVIDENCE that a person’s politics whether Left, Right, or center could prevent them from getting a loan.

Being that my focus on this blog is making money and economics, this opens the flood gates for lawsuits for RBC and possibly other Canadian banks. Even if I hated Ezra Levant’s guts I’d save that audiotape. My credit is good, I’m First Nations I work hard, why was I turned down for a loan? I’m black, my credit is good I work hard, I’ve never missed a payment, why was I turned down for a loan? I’m Asian, I work hard, I’ve never missed a payment, why was I turned down for a loan? Do you see where I’m going with this? We’re in the “Woke” generation, like it or not, this political “Wokeness” in time will find its way to banking and not in the manner it is now.

Conservative was allegedly denied a mortgage due to political views | FoxNews

Maybe I’m reading too much into this? But this should bring back resentment amongst people who felt like that they were treated wrongly when RBC turned them down for a loan? I’m not entirely sure, how Canadians will react to this because a lot of Canadians are brainwashed and may not see the correlation I’m making here.

But this is huge, this is something that might need to be framed differently from someone who writes or speaks better than I. I like money, do you like money? Imagine you were being denied a loan because of race, ethnicity, or political views, like it or not Ezra checks all three boxes! He’s Jewish and he’s a Conservative. Maybe you’re an NDP, Green, or a Bloc Quebec supporter, this affects you too because according to RBC you might be too extreme to get a loan from them.

Lastly, this confirms claims minority groups made about banks discriminating against them based on “INSERT REASON HERE”. Now obviously as a believer that money shouldn’t be centralized, this is exactly why I’m not against cryptocurrencies or decentralized means of bartering such as Gold and Silver as you peel away the onion and rid yourself of the constipation government puts on our lives, you begin to see why Big Government and centralization leads to tyranny.

I do believe in a companies right to refuse, but in Canada, we have to transact in Canadian RULE BY fiat dollars, and because we have private companies that are too big to fail, being denied access to grow ones legally registered business on the grounds that they don’t align with a LEGAL, peaceful political ideology that might be considered unpopular is very dangerous.

Radicals are often created because they’ve been disenfranchised, although this is only Ezra Levant now, it could be you later. Ezra appears to have moved on, but I think this was a huge potentially revolutionary mistake by RBC Bank. At the very least it would be wise for their head office to release some sort of statement, clearing up the matter. Because trust me when I say I’m not the only one who’s seen the huge mistake they’ve just made- I can see the lawyers hovering around RBC like vultures right now!

PROOF: The Royal Bank of Canada rejected our mortgage because we’re conservative | rebelnews.com

Interesting times ahead!