Do The Canadians Polled Understand This Could Trigger a World War: Nearly three-quarters of Canadians say NATO should prepare to intervene in Ukraine – March 18, 2022,

“We have all of these weapons, we have to do something to stop what’s happening in Ukraine because the Television is showing Russian aggression destroying buildings and killing Ukrainian people. So yeah, supposing this wasn’t on television every single day, would you care? Most people wouldn’t, the point Tucker Carlson was trying to make during his interview with United States House Representative Maria Elvira Salazar, was what about U.S borders? What about the destruction of the United States and all the people dying in the U.S, as a representative of the U.S people, why isn’t the U.S being prioritized?

It’s not being prioritized, because the media doesn’t think it’s a priority right now, instead the war in Ukraine is a priority. When you hear this side of the argument, supposed someone made the argument that what was financing this war in Ukraine were these climate change alarmists who are trying to destroy the fossil fuel industries in North America, which are fueling higher oil prices.

In Russia and many parts of the world, they know political climate change is a fraud, in fact, Yakutsk which is the coldest city in the world, which is located in Russia saw its temperature bottom out at minus-78 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-61.1 Celsius) in December 2021? So is the earth freezing or is it warming? Well, Western scientists, want you to know the climate is changing and it’s because of human activities and the politicians have convinced young people that higher taxes and more regulations on Western economies will give us a fighting chance to save the planet?

Well, this stupidity has equated to Putin having a lot of cash to finance his invasion in Ukraine, if Gas prices were where they should be, Putin would be broke by now, because invasions are expensive, not only are invasions expensive occupying territory is even more expensive. Most people don’t even think Russia has any intention of staying in Ukraine, Russia appears to want to install their own dictator in the country.

So if Russia is looking to put a bandaid on this problem, what this should tell you, is that this invasion is mostly about NATO. Yet, the people polled are convinced that the solution to this Ukraine conflict is getting NATO involved? NATO was formed to deal with the Soviet Union. and if it’s one thing we know about Communists they hate globalism just as much as capitalists hate globalism.

Globalism economically is a lot like National Socialism, it’s basically the merger of Big Corporations and Big Governments, NATO threatens Russia’s sovereignty, it actually threatens Canadian sovereignty, but because we’re the aggressors, we don’t see things that way. I bring this up, because there’s more than one way to look at the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but based on how information is often presented to people, they answer questions based on the manner in which the information is presented to them.

According to the Ledger Poll, Canadians with their underfunded military, are ready to send Canadian troops to fight a war, that wouldn’t exist in the manner it does today without the political climate change lobbyist, artificially raising the cost of living.

OTTAWA — A new poll suggests nearly three-quarters of Canadians believe NATO allies should prepare for military intervention as Russian aggression escalates in Ukraine, even as half hold out hope for a diplomatic resolution.

The online survey of 1,515 Canadians and 1,002 Americans was conducted by Leger between Friday and Sunday.

The survey cannot be assigned a margin of error because internet-based polls are not considered truly random samples.

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians say NATO should prepare to intervene in Ukraine: poll |

Interesting times ahead!