Money Printer Goes Burrrrr

Money Printer Goes Burrrrr

As DogeCoin Competes With Bitcoin are we in the early stages of Commodity Boom, commodity shortages all over the world – April 22, 2021

One could argue in the modern era, even the Conservative Politicans in the Western World are Conservative in name only, with that said in the G7, Japan appears to have the most Conservaitve political leadership as Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and even the United States have to a great degree gone Left.

What this equates to is a heavily regulated economic outlook, in which the government using the Al Gore derived scam, once called global warming now called ‘climate change’ or a ‘climate emergency’ can now be used to ramped-up government spending, increase government waste, tac on more bureaucracy and do to ALL commodities what’s already been done to the tobacco industry.

What does a new regulatory environmental-based world order look like? It means everything gets more expensive and there will be fewer options and more people and more entities dump physical labor for companies larger enough to navigate through all the Government red tape.

What this also means is that certain countries that might be run by dictators, may yield lots of financial opportunities, if you can handle the risk. It’s unlikely austerity measures will even be considered for the next 20 years. This means that a deflationary economy being covered up with central bank liquidity very well might be normalized, by normalized I mean higher prices for everything, which often means a boom time for commodities.

There hasn’t been a deflation period for tobacco, the government response to get people to stop smoking is to RAISE the price of cigarettes, I suspect, the government will take a similar approach to fossil fuels, they’re going to raise the prices, we already see that with carbon tax schemes, but I think this is only the beginning because what’s most likely going to happen is that companies are simply going to abandon the space, equating to a new economy, which has a lot more scarce resources.

The cryptocurrency community has recently helped the government by detailing the dirty way commodities like gold, silver, and copper are mined, they’re doing this mostly in hopes Bitcoin will rise, at present Dogecoin has been rising. DogeCoin began as a joke and most people in the Bitcoin space, don’t seem to comprehend that the world is fine with digital currencies, however, the world can’t function without PHYSICAL commodities.

Even in the digital space, I’d argue, the Microsoft products offer more value than cryptocurrencies? But Bitcoin is valued more than Apple and Microsoft. The believers in Bitcoin, appear to be creating a commodities boom as more people start to ask the question ‘if bitcoin disappeared, would anyone even care or even notice?’.

I like blockchain technology, it’s been around for a long time, I like that bitcoin helped to get it off the ground, but commodities is where the big boys play and although the central bankers appear to have the situation under control, what’s getting more obvious is inflation, which equates to fewer people having the ability to hoard dollars if they’re not invested cashflow producing liquid assets.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, don’t pay a dividend, don’t offer any cash flow, in fact, they want it to be deflationary and as more policymakers understand the cashout process of Bitcoin, if a person hoarding bitcoins cashes out, they’d be subject to taxes they get higher as the fiat dollar depreciates.

Many of us live off of commodity dividends and during a boom cycle, that’s usually when commodities really start paying good dividends. My personal portfolio is filled with commodities that paid me dividends during COVID-19. My crypto assets at best went up in value, I still hate the digital wallet with passion.

I’m not selling my crypto because I don’t need to, but when I read the comments of most people in crypto, they’re gambling on price inflation, and that screams ‘rookie investor’. I know some people with lots of money, hundreds of millions and billions and they’re capable of manipulating crypto prices because they’ve shown me.

What can’t be easily manipulated are physical commodity prices, even fiat dollars can’t manipulate commodity prices, as many people know, both silver and gold are sold out almost everywhere and at a discount because of government manipulation of price.

During a commodity shortage, it is what it is, the sticker price shouldn’t be confused with shortages, regulations are price controls, they might not be OVERT price controls, but they’re price controls and price controls simply mean that as an investor you’ll have to dig a bit deeper to know what’s really happening in a particular commodity market!

The ascension of DogeCoin should serve as a warning that the cryptocurrency markets might be manipulated. If this proves to be true, I’d argue we’re headed for a commodity price boom! For most people it’s hard to believe how smart some of these rich people are, I listen to rich people speak all the time, and bait and switch is how they operate, via your ignorance I can make you sell it to me at a much cheaper price.

Interesting times ahead!