The Dollar Bubble

Have you seen this video about the the united states economy? I highly recommend you check it out. This is stuff is real and it’s approaching. are ready for the economical downfall.

[youtube id=”eZA0qNsf4m0″ w=”640″ h=”385″]

Are you ready for war. The U.S army is still in Afghanistan and it doesn’t seem like they are going to leave anytime soon. You will also hear me say invest in silver and gold i am highly invested in both. Are you naive to the possibilities  of an economic meltdown.

If you read history it’s happened before and it does tend to happen every 75 years. America’s last great depression was around 75 years ago. This video is not intended to scare you it’s made to make you aware of what is going on. Be ready and stay ready. If it doesn’t happen well hey at least you were prepared but if this financial meltdown does occur are you ready is your family ready. Are you really prepared human beings change when put into desperate situation.

If you’ve ever seen video’s of people living in third world this could be stuation happening in America. I would recommend if you havent done so yet that you invest in silver. If you can’t invest in gold go with silver. Silver is way under valued and unlike gold silver is consumed. I am invested in silver and i recommend you look into it.

I’ve also been saying buy local and support your neighbor. Also small business’s you will hear me saying stop looking for jobs and online business systems. And start building small businesses that’s the real and only way out of this. Stop buying corporate foods and supporting corporations. Corporations are not needed in every level of society.