Donald Trump says Lower Interest Rates Can Be Used To Pay Off U.S National Debt? 🤔 – January 26, 2019

🤯 So during the interview with Donald Trump, you can watch below, Trump said something very interesting that I’ve never heard him say before, now, maybe he has said or tweeted it before, but I hadn’t heard Donald Trump say it.

Negative Interest Rates and Paying the National Debt?

Even I with Political Right views will admit that there are certain public sector jobs that I would never want to be abolished in a civilized world. Police Officers are one of the public servants that I’m personally not opened to abolishing because if I have to constantly enforce the protection of my personal private property, I don’t see the likely hood of my country being economically stable, I say this primarily because the U.S military is considered as the global police force, now for many people on the Libertarian Right, they’d prefer the U.S stay out of foreign entanglements, unfortunately, there is a very real global demand for the U.S presence in many countries all over the world.

Sure the U.S Military is not welcomed by all the people of particular nations, but there’s enough of a demand for the U.S military presence globally, which always for the U.S consumers to enjoy lower prices while at the same time having a bloated government. In fact had it not been for mostly Democrat failed policies in many U.S States, chances are consumer prices in the U.S would have been even lower. Currently, barring a Bernie Sanders Presidency, of course, the U.S Consumer can expect to enjoy stable prices. In fact, only bad political policies can make prices rise in the U.S economy.

Now, under Donald Trump, it’s important to tell the story for what it is, had Trump not had to deal with Democrat posturing, we’re not sure how great the U.S economy would be right now. However, being that Donald Trump is not a dictator and more Americans are opening up not only Bernie Sanders but to the concept of Democratic Socialism, the truth of the matter is near-zero interest rates equates to more financial wizardry by the Federal Reserve in the event Bernie Sanders or someone like him eventually becomes the President of the United States.

Obama was a scary sight to behold for the markets, however, American voters loved him and therefore he was able to pull off something that Republican President would have most likely been impeached for. If you’re wondering why there are so many Billionaires on the Planet, you have Barack Obama to blame, Barack Obama’s policies inflated asset prices, because ASSET and/or Stock prices are inflated people who would otherwise be millionaires are now multi-millionaires and people who would otherwise be multi-millionaires are now billionaires and this happens primarily in U.S dollar terms because the U.S dollar has even strengthened against other currencies.

Gold prices have been rising in almost every single currency except for the U.S dollar, why? Because now more than ever as the standard of living for the world is rising there is a greater demand for economic stability, whether you like the idea or not, the U.S, the U.S dollar currently is a symbol of economic stability to many people outside of the United States.

With that established it was interesting for me to hear Donald Trump use the words paying down debt with lower interest rates? 🤔 Andrew Jackson comes to mind when I heard Trump utter those words and then I was reminded that Donald Trump was a voice for the Tea Party movement. Then private citizen Donald Trump went against the grain and attacked then-President Barack Obama, basically asking Obama to release his birth certificate.

Although Barack Obama is called the first Black President, let’s make something clear that Baracks Black ancestors didn’t help to build the greatest nation on earth. Barack enjoyed the fruits of labour from the actual Black Americans who were brought to the United States in chains.

Sure the Black Americans who helped to build America have been tricked fooled into collectivism essentially allowing immigrants like Barack Obama to tell their story for them, but the reality is the Barack Obama’s African father was from Kenya and therefore Donald Trump didn’t have to address his race. Donald Trump actually used a similar strategy with Ted Cruz during the presidential race, calling Ted Cruz a Canadian, which is partially true because Ted Cruz was physically born in Alberta, Canada.

But it’s Trump’s long term planning and excellent marketing and branding capabilities that allow him to get free promotion, Barack Obama gave Trump free promotion in 2011, consider watching the video below.

This incident was funny to Liberals and for many Democrat Party followers, they saw an event like the one at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as an end to Donald Trump’s political career. Donald Trump, after all, had been hinting at running for President since the 1990s. During this time, the thinking of the Democrats was that you had to behave a certain way to become President, however, if you look at the history of U.S Presidents, behind closed doors they were all somewhat like Donald Trump.

Part of the emerging popular culture that embraced Donald Trump was leaders exercising their freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so it’ no surprise to me that Donald Trump’s economic message of making America Great again began resonating with people. Now, the best part of Donald Trump’s populist movement, is that he’s viewed as a loose cannon, which allows him to pivot, where others can’t. If you fear the crazy man, your only hope is that he might spare you. Those of us who see Donald Trump for what he is, are able to conceptualize the words he says.

Now, I don’t know if Donald Trump is going to go full Andrew Jackson on the U.S economy, but all of sudden low I’ll be listening more closely to Donald Trumps low-interest-rate policies. Now, if Trump loses the 2020 election to Bernie Sanders the U.S economy is going to hell fast, Joe Biden will be more of a lame-duck president and the hope from a market perspective will be that Joe Biden destroys the U.S economy with regulations at a slower pace than would career democratic-socialist politician Bernie Sanders would.

But if Bernie Sanders wins in 2020 or even in 2024 and interest rates aren’t normalized, the U.S economy will be destroyed, make no mistake about it. Similar to Obama the U.S dollar will decline, Oil prices will shoot up and at this point, China and Iran will probably be more powerful and more influential than they are now because even if you like Bernie, Bartering isn’t exactly a strength of his, Sanders is more of a bulldozer who assumes a big government and appeasement is a good thing. Maybe appeasement is a good thing, but the markets don’t like appeasement with dictators, appeasements equates to another country taking the lead o America sharing the lead and under Obama, this is why ISIS dominated the headlines.

Obama similar to Sanders will negotiate from a position of weakness and the energy and commodity markets will call it for it is and this will equate to a major sell-off of U.S Stocks in a time with near-zero interest rates. So yeah, if you’re poor or nearer to the middle class and Trump is serious about paying off debt, 2020 wouldn’t be a good time to vote in a socialist, however if you do, the rich will get richer and more than likely the middle class and poor will suffer.

If Trump manages to pay off debt, well, well, well I would say that’s rather impressive. But I won’t hold my breath!

Interesting times ahead!