Before Donald Trump The Tariff Tax was aligned with the ideals of the Democrat Policy – Joe Biden Signals White House signals hard line on Buy American, Justin Trudeau Begs for Exemption – February 23, 2021,

Ignore the skin color and the age for a moment and comprehend that Joe Biden is Barack Obamas, spoiled dumb baby brother, who doesn’t appear to comprehend that his words and actions come with consequences. When Barack Obama was president the market was confused because up until Obama we had never seen the White House spend in the manner the Obama administration spent.

The Obama administration got Wall Street hooked on cheap money and this has fueled the stock market. Donald Trump helped to goose the stock market by cutting regulations, however, without the regulation cuts Donald Trumps’ tariff policies would have been a COMPLETE DISASTER!

This is what Joe Biden doesn’t understand if Joe Biden continues to burden American business and industry with regulations, his economy will collapse. Well, allow me to briefly explain what a collapse under Joe Biden looks like = money printing that leads to deflation!

So as I try to explain to most people who don’t understand deflation, the only inflation game in town right now is government spending and government regulations. Donald Trump while spending mass releasing the market from burdensome regulations, Joe Biden wants to spend and regulate, what this equates to is mal-investment, higher energy price, and inflation in industries that are the beneficiaries of Joe Biden’s regulatory policies.

So as an example Amazon got a whole lot richer under pandemic lockdowns because government regulations made them the beneficiaries of higher barriers to entry. Similar to a higher minimum wage, the bigger more established companies can afford to pay for the government regulations while the smaller and upstarts can’t afford to pay for the regulations.

Regulations kill medium and small businesses which by the way pay the most taxes, the tariff tax has been very good to Canada, that’s how we pay most of the bills, but if America were to do to us what we do to them, well bye, bye Canadian economy.

Canada has been the beneficiary of dumb U.S Presidents, but Donald Trump changed all that. Donald Trump was not only in the private sector, but Donald Trump was also a real estate developer, so the Donald saw government economic corruption up close.

Now to his detriment, that he’s no longer President Joe Biden now has a tool that was never available to the Democrats in years past. The tariff tax has to be done strategically and if it’s not, it will prove to be disastrous. As many Canadians know, buying things in the United States and bringing those things back to Canada, and declaring them at the Canadian border will cost you a pretty penny.

The higher cost of living in Canada has little to do with our Universal health care system and more to do with the tariff taxes we pay. But you see if Joe Biden simply ignores Justin Trudeau’s requests for exceptions, the Canadian economy is screwed.

Now, you have to remember that labour unions by hook or by crook were one of the main reasons why Joe Biden became president, and well… Tariffs is a labour union thing. With that said Joe Biden has been taking an America Last stance on economic policy so hopefully, for Canadians dependent on the welfare state, we can continue to rip off Canadian consumers and American businesses at our border.

White House signals hard line on Buy American as Ottawa urged to push for exemption |

Interesting times ahead!