How to Do Door to Door Sales

Door to door sales for me was easy. The only thing I needed to do was know my product inside and out. After I learn this for me it was like taking candy from a baby. Honestly looking back I don’t remember any of the rejections but I do remember sales and happy customers. When you’re doing any form of sales that’s how you have to think and once you master this you’ll be having a blast. If you can do door to door sales you will never be out of a job EVER.

More than likely you will get a sense of confidence that will make people think that you’re some sort of machine, which pushed me even further I took pride knowing that some people could stand my profession I also took pride in knowing that I made more money in 6 month’s than most college graduates make in a year working twice as hard. Another thing I took pride in was my freedom when I worked as a door to door sales man I worked on my own time went on vacation when I wanted to. I didn’t even call in sick I would call and say I’m not coming in today (if you’re new I wouldn’t do that however ).

The power and freedom of being a Door to door sales

Being a door to door salesman takes heart, people especially old people will hate your guts and everything you stand for, also nine to fivers as we use to call them can and will make your life difficult. For me this was the fun part because you learn so much about people when they’re angry with you. The power of being a door to door sales person is the fact that most people just can’t do that job, when this settles in for you’ll quickly realize why good door to door sales men rarely have money problems.

Door to door sales tips – its all about moving up and being your own boss

When you’re doing door to door sales always make sure you’re working towards being a manager, supervisor or owning your own business. My personal advice is not to remain a door to door salesman forever spend the money you make wisely and work towards either moving up in the company or owning your own company. Personally I recommend working towards owning your own company once you understand sales the transition towards owning your own company becomes a simple one. The most important part of any business is sales and marketing working as door to door sales person you will learn these skills very quickly.

Conquer Door to door sales and you’re small step away from being a rich person.