Double Opt In vs Single Opt In which is better?

This is a very easy topic to explain. If you are a spammer single optin is definitely the way to go. Anytime i get into conversations with people who have been scammed online via way of internet marketing it came through single opt in emails. When you get into email marketing that’s truly when you see how easy it is to make money. If you honestly believe people don’t check their spam emails your wrong. Also different wording will work for different people also if people are down on their luck and are very desperate they sometimes will sign up for anything. then there’s the saying a fool and his money is one big party. So in terms Double Opt In vs Single Opt In which is better? if you are planning to be a spammer which i DO NOT recommend then go with single optin email marketing.

You would actually be surprised how many guru’s use single opt in email marketing to grow their business.  In online business the sad fact comes down to the bottom line. People look at conversions and if they are only getting a slap on the wrist they will continue to bombard their single optin subscribers with emails.

Double Opt In vs Single Opt? what do I recommend?

i recommend going with double optin that’s the only way I use it but i will say i am not a rich guy I do live the simple life i am free to do what i please i have enough money to do so but I still do budget so i recommend Double Opt in email advertising better to be safe than sorry especially if you don’t have the money to play with the big boys.

Thanks for reading my post good luck!