When buying an email marketing campaigns it’s important to note that whatever package you purchase is how much emails they will send to their optin subscribers and not necessarily guaranteed traffic to your website. Before using a service like this I high recommend using and testing a good catchy ad title for your campaign.

This post is also in regards to, and because they all seem to be the same online company.

Another thing I recommend is having a landing page to capture peoples email addresses. similar to this one click here. You want to be able to contact these users again because online people will usually forget about your website in a short period of time and if you hope to increase traffic to your website and also get sales long term you want to make sure you get the emails of those targeted visitors that land on your page.

Double Optin Media Review

Now I must admit looking at this site it does not look trust worthy. Reason being usually these types of email advertising sites usually disclose where you will be getting your increased traffic from. Double Optin Media has chosen not to answer this question directly instead if you look in their FAQ section found at it says when asked

We generate over 75k new leads per day from our various websites!
These leads are generated by Pay-per-click, SEO, Co-reg, and Newsletters.”

Also when asked can I send a test campaign they immediately want you to fork over $49 pretty pricey for  “test campaign”

Yes, our smallest package is the 300k recipients for $49. You can test your
offer with that option!”

Final thoughts on DoubleOptinMedia

When it comes to these types of companies for me I like to know that this company has its own network and I would like to also know the name of the network. Because again there’s no guarantee that the recipients will even open their emails. So an email sent to 300,00 could easily turn into useless email campaign if Double optin Media has one of those useless email lists that many people have. You will hear allot of people say the power is in the list but this only true if that list receives emails of useful information. If an opt in subscriber of double optin media is constantly receiving spam or being told to buy something every time they receive an email from Double Optin media logically what do you think will happen. Typically after being told to buy, buy, buy start to ignore those emails (unless of course those subscribers are being paid to open the emails but that’s something else entirely). That being said…

Still yet I would like to give Double Optin Media the benefit of the doubt. If you’ve used Double Optin Media I would like to hear your experience with them.

I’ve recently been testing campaigns in different areas to expand my business and I’ve got some great news for those of you who did not have a pleasant experience with double Opt In Media Click Here to read the post please leave me your feedback also.

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