Doug Ford’s “portable benefits” system for workers who don’t have health, dental or vision coverage, the system will move with the Employees if they change jobs – February 4, 2022,

Politics isn’t my strong suit, but I’m certain Ontario Premier Doug Ford is looking to create something that competes with the NDP Socialist universal dental care plan, which would be destructive for Ontario’s economy if implemented. This portable benefits system is geared toward Ontario’s working class and I assume will be a regulation that forces insurance companies to allow employees to take their dental and vision care with them when they change jobs.

In America, getting the government involved in private health care has proven to be a never-ending disaster, which is the only reason health care in America is so expensive. As an example, Donald Trump wanted to cut regulations in health care so that insurance companies would have to compete. Because what tends to happen when the government gets involved in private insurance is that eventually, the insurance companies will seek to write the laws for the benefit of themselves.

Once the insurance companies can write the laws, they’ll write laws that prevent the smaller insurance companies from competing with them, which makes prices more expensive and destroys the consumer’s ability to find alternatives. If Ontarians are dumb enough to vote for the NDP, it would be time for me to consider moving. The Liberals have a cult-like following, so I suspect the Liberals will challenge the NDP in the upcoming Ontario elections, it looks like Doug Ford will win easily, I personally don’t play around with provincial politics, so Doug Ford is likely to get my vote.

I don’t think Doug Ford should promise too much, I don’t think he needs to, what he should make sure to be ready for is explaining to voters that the cost of living is rising because of Justin Trudeau. Although Doug Ford has been engaging in his own form of tyranny, most of the Tyranny I’m experiencing in Ontario is due in large part because of Justin Trudeau, who has now regulated airports, and the Canadian borders charged me a carbon tax, which not only makes gas prices more expensive, heating my home is more expensive now also, Trudeau has also racked up more debt than all the previous Prime ministers COMBINED!

I don’t think Doug Ford needs to promise anything, the less he says or promises the better.

Ontario designing ‘portable benefits’ plan for workers who don’t have coverage |

Interesting times ahead!