Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Dr. Leslyn Lewis vs. Career Politician Pierre Poilievre – Lets Talk About The Future Leadership of The Conservative Party of Canada – April 10, 2022,

I often write about QUEBEC when I do these political articles, why? Because Quebec and Ontario CURRENTLY determine elections in this country. If Quebec wasn’t a part of Canada and if speaking Quebecois wasn’t an “expected” norm in the Federation, in this election, I’d argue  Dr. Leslyn Lewis wins the Conservative race in a LANDSLIDE.

If Quebec becomes just another province, Canada looks a lot different, without nationalized health care, transfer payments, and ridiculous Federal gun control laws, Canada looks a whole lot different. Listening to Dr. Leslyn Lewis she sounds like what the average Conservative voter wants, even more so than Pierre Poilievre. But if we’re talking about the current realities of Canada, in my opinion, this is still Pierre Poilievre’s race to lose.


I like Pierre Poilievre, but he’s a career politician, when I listen to Poilievre speak at times, it’s pretty obvious to me that although he has a better comprehension of the economy than most, he doesn’t have what it takes to HONEST with voters. I personally like what I’ve seen from the Pierre Poilievre camp so far, he’s been pushing a very basic message, which in my opinion is how Stephen Harper become Prime Minister.

Pierre Poilievre is avoiding topics, that only some of us care about, and instead, he’s focusing on the MONEY. Even if you’re a die-hard Liberal supporter, if you work for a living, life is getting more expensive and if you’re working for the government, the only thing you really care about is your job security. If Pierre Poilievre can focus his message on DRIVING THE COST OF LIVING DOWN, people will better comprehend his “paychecks” slogan.

As I like to point out, people on Welfare, don’t care about Consumer Price Inflation, consumer price inflation is paid by the WORKING classes, because working-class people have a COST of going to work. It costs me money to charge or put gas in my car, it costs me money and labor to buy the things that help me enjoy my standard of living.

Justin Trudeau is making working-class people work harder for LESS PURCHASING power and this appears to be how Pierre Poilievre is targeting his message. Dr. Leslyn Lewis on the other has found herself with growing support in Western Canada, which in my opinion guarantees her a prominent place in the next Conservative government. But will Dr. Leslyn Lewis resonate with Ontario and Quebec? I don’t know.

I’ve written before about Doug Ford’s SIMPLE messaging, the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario allow themselves the flexibility to be cowards because Doug Ford often does not use more words than he needs to. Sorry to say, but this strategy appears to be working for the Conservative Party of Canada. I thought Erin O’Toole should have won the 2021 election, but then he opened his mouth and “Progressive” political words came out.

Where I see problems with Dr. Leslyn Lewis is that she waited too long to get more people to get to know and trust her and this will be a challenge for her moving forward. Moving forward Dr. Leslyn Lewis is going to have to use a lot of words to get people to know who she is, whereas most Canadians already know who Career Politician Pierre Poilievre is. Even the people who don’t like Pierre Poilievre, know who he is, to the point now that Pierre Poilievre can simplify his messaging.

Jean Charest is DONE


Why Dr. Leslyn Lewis might be onto something is that Jean Charest may actually be the politician that shows, vulnerabilities in Quebec. I’m not sure if Jean Charest is paying attention, but mainstream media in Canada requires ongoing government support to stay afloat, what does this mean exactly? It means that his approach to being the mainstream media darling isn’t going to help him get elected.

Even POLLING data suggests that a lot chunk of political-minded Canadians, use online platforms to research their preferred politician. Justin Trudeau has support online as does Pierre Poilievre, Jean Charest is a no show and the Freedom Convoy began in Alberta, so for Jean Charest to try to disqualify Pierre Poilievre from Conservative leadership because he supported the Freedom Convoy, shows, that if Charest were to win the Conservative race, the People’s Party of Canada could easily start legitimately winning seats, because Western Canada, will see Charest and an anti-freedom candidate.

In my opinion, Jean Charest is done and if he wins the Conservative Party leadership race, this would be a huge opportunity for the People’s Party of Canada. Justin Trudeau will be in power until 2025, meaning the People’s Party of Canada will have at least 2 years to grow support. Being that Justin Trudeau formed an alliance with Jagmeet Singh and is basically ruling as if he had a majority, Canadians are going to become accustomed to tyranny moving forward.

Meaning they’ll be less afraid of taking a risk with Maxime Bernier. I like to remind the reader that Maxime Bernier did 800,000+ votes in the last election. He won no seats, but Jean Charest would be just what the doctor ordered for the PPC. Patrick Brown isn’t worth talking about. For me, the Conservative race revolves around Dr. Leslyn Lewis and Pierre Poilievre.

I have to give the edge to Career Politician Pierre Poilievre, but unlike the United States in which both current President and Vice President Joe Biden-Kamala Harris are imagined to be incompetent by a large chunk of Americans a Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis as leaders in the Party has serious potential written all over it.

At least some substance would return the debates, if you ever get a chance, listen to Justin Trudeau and his Liberals NOT answer any questions in the House of Commons, that’s the problem in the world today. Somebody says something you don’t like you refuse to answer, it’s why the Jean Charest position on the Freedom Convoy is going to destroy the Conservative Party if he wins.

Instead of talking, Justin Trudeau did with the Freedom Convoy Protestors what he and his party always do in the House of Commons = I don’t like you, I’m in power and therefore what you have to say is not important, as a matter a fact because I’m Prime Minister, I’m going to use all the powers at my disposal to punish you from speaking negatively towards me, including seizing your bank account.

Now, Charest supporters would argue that I’m talking about two separate things, what I’m saying is that for Freedom fighters, both the Freedom convoy and Bank account seizures without a court order are both derived from TYRANNY!

Jean Charest says that Pierre Poilievre should be disqualified from becoming leader of the federal Conservative party over his support of the “Freedom Convoy.”Charest condemns leadership rival Poilievre’s convoy, crypto, climate policies |

Interesting times ahead