Dropship Company Reviews

I’ve joined all the top drop shipping companies, I been doing this for well over 10 years now i’ve done the whole eBay thing the Amazon thing, i am pretty knowledgeable in this area of business.  Before you even get started in Drop Shipping i want to make something very clear to you upfront. if you get involved in Drop Shipping i highly recommend you learn some form of online advertising or internet marketing. There are many tutorials online for free that i’m sure you can find.

Personally i did allot of advertising with Google Adwords it’s helped my online stores allot. Allot of times with drop shipping it’s not who has the cheapest prices it’s who can get to the customer first. You might have the cheapest price in the world but if the customer can’t find you or if the customer doesnt trust you your cheap prices don’t mean anything.

Another recommendation of mine is don’t undercut people. Make your prices the average maybe you can charge a $1 less than your competition but don’t try to be the cheapest price out there because no matter what price you sell something for you will always run into a customer that will try to scam you and when you take a loss you will understand why most power sellers don’t sell their items and the recommended retail price.

If you Dont Have any Money Don’t Start Drop Shipping

If you are down to your last $1 do not sign up or get involved with Drop shipping. I am sorry if this is going to hurt your feelings but this is not the type of business you risk it all in. Problems can arise in Drop Shipping like any other business I don’t want to be held responsible in anyway if you spend your last dollars signing up for my favorite drop shipping resource. If you open a store you have to anticipate that there will be theft by customers and even employees, you also know that unexpected problems may arise.

Although not the same online drop shipping does have it’s problems. Example might be a drop ship company runs out of stock, or goes bankrupt, although this is not common it does happen and if you are selling something that is Dependant on one drop shipper and it goes belly up your biz can be affected for several month’s. This is not a common scenario but it’s happened before. I am just saying this so that you don’t sign up and expect magic to happen.

When getting into Drop shipping like i said earlier you will have to learn how to market and advertise your business.

Dropship Company Reviewed

I am a member of Salehoo, I’ve been a member of worldwide brands, I’ve tried Jeff yancy’s wholesale(which is closed down now) I’ve tried Doba (biggest mistake ever) and I’ve tried a host of free drop ship resources but none of come close to the one i am going to introduce or reintroduce to you today.  This company used to have terrible customer support so in the past i wouldn’t share this with anyone but they’ve since upgraded there email support so I will recommend them while they still have their special.

The price may have gone back up at the time you read this post but the combo package currently goes for $199.99 if you are not buying the combo package, I wouldn’t bother buying it at all because there are allot of drop ship company resources that offer more for that price. The unfortunate problem with this program is that it’s only for people who reside in Canada, United States, and the U.K. So if you don’t live in these countries click the bottom link for a good alternative. Click one of the links below to be taken to the webpage

United States & Canada DropShip Company

UK DropShip Company

If you don’t live in Canada, the United States or the U.K there’s still a good alternative for you click the link below for more information.

UK DropShip Company

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