DropShipDesign Scam

Although I’ve a member of DropShipDesign.com for well over three years now, I initially did not want to recommend them to anyone. Reason being they used to have terrible customer support, on several occasions in the past I was beyond angry because they wouldn’t reply to my emails. It used to really get under my skin. Apart from that to date I don’t and have never had any serious problems with them my customers orders are always shipped as promised. They still have some of the best drop ship prices.

About Drop Ship Designs Drop Ship Prices

Now I will tell this to you honest and truthfully. There will be times where someone might be able to sell the same thing you are selling for less money. WHY??? Some people on eBay are wholesalers. Meaning they have the physical product in their possession. I am never really concerned with these people because often times they have a limited supply of stock and eBay is in many ways a marathon and not a sprint. none the less it’s something to keep a note of.

Advertising Your Business.

If you are signing up with Drop Ship design, sign up with the combo package.  i am just being honest here it’s a good idea to have both an eBay store and your own online store.  Flyers in your local area directing people to your website can go ALONG way. Having your own online store is one of the keys to wealth online because customer will come back again and again and also start recommending your online store to friends.

Personally I recommend having about $500 before signing up because you want to be able to advertise your online business. There are many advertising outlets including Google which I use personally that can make you allot of money and get you allot of returning customers. Once a customer buys from your store and everything happens smooth there’s a good chance they will return and also recommend your store to a friend. This is just my personal tip.

if you are down to your last $500 please don’t sign up for Drop Ship design. With any business there is risk involved even though with eBay the risk is a lot less you can still lose money. Also many times what i find is when people don’t have much money they get frustrated very easily. This can be bad especially if you are operating an online business because things might take some time especially if you don’t have money or time to advertise your online business. So please if you don’t have at least $500; don’t sign up for this or any other online program. When signing up for any online business your mind has to be in the right place otherwise frustration will set it.

Drop Ship Design final Review is it a scam

Is DropShipdesign.com a scam? No; However I don’t think it’s the best drop ship company online. Personally I think Salehoo is much better option it costs less has a better reputation and also offers more.

Click here to visit the Salehoo Website