DropShipDesign.com Review

DropShipDesign found at DropShipDesign.com is one of the leading drop shipping companies. Offering four types of membership, the company aims to gather the best drop shippers to offer its members with a wide array of products to sell on eBay and other websites. Its 4 types of membership plans are as follows: Basic Drop Ship Plan, eBay Drop Ship Plan, Website Drop Ship Plan, and Datafeed Drop Ship Plan. One can also get all 4 at a discounted price.

The Basic Drop Ship Plan is an inexpensive way of getting started with online selling. By opting for this membership plan, users will be granted access to every product including new ones. It also requires minimal risk as you’ll only pay once you’ve sold the item. The eBay Drop Ship Plan has almost similar features only that it includes: tools to transfer products on eBay, Quick Auction Creation tool, view eBay auction listings directly from your membership page, and quick order submission on eBay items. With the Website Drop Ship Plan, users will enjoy the customizable website preloaded with 1,000,000 products, HTML editor, and tools for adding banner, logo, affiliate links, and many more. Lastly, with the Datafeed Drop Ship Plan, you can download product details, stock quantities and images links in CSV file, login and and purchase items on you Datafeed account.

More about DropShipDesign

DropShipDesign grants you access to over 1,000,000 products from different brands including Bvlgari, Acer, Motorola, Lenovo, and many more. Products are grouped into 15 categories which include Apparel, Computers, Electronics, Jewelry, and many more. But just like any other drop shipping companies, products offered by DropShipDesign are usually on the categories of ‘electronics’ and ‘accessories’.

Final thoughts on DropShipDesign.com

The 4 different membership plans of DropShipDesign is a good strategy to attract users who have different online selling needs. It’s also worth noting that the company provides great value on membership with its freebies and discounts for choosing certain types of membership plan. It’s definitely a good company to subscribe with whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned drop shipper.

The dropshipping source I use can be found below. I’m an actual successful member so if you need help you can simply email me or email them.

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