DropShipLifestyle.com Review Is it a scam? Anton Kraly Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

Based on my reviews “Drop Ship Lifestyle” by Anton Kraly, currently found at DropShipLifestyle.com is legit and not a scam, you can feel confident trying that training as Anton Kraly has proven himself as a good teacher in the dropship industry.

Dropship Lifestyle which you can find at DropshipLifestyle.com is a training program started by Anton Kraly. On the website, you can find free information to understand what dropshipping is and how you can make money from it. However, the Dropship Lifestyle program itself is not free. When this post was first published it was available for a one-time payment of $997 or four monthly payments of $297. However, in 2021 Dropship Lifestyle costs $2,997 for the Premium package and $4,997 for the Ultimate package, which includes a done-for-you Shopify store, and potentially some other perks depending on when you decide to sign up.

In fairness to the reader some of us are abandoning the Shopify platform and embracing AliDropship which allows you to easily dropship from China, but also allows you the opportunity to dropship locally. I bring this up because much of what is being sold on Walmart and Amazon still comes from China and AliDropship solves the problems that Shopify used to solve in the past.

Many of us didn’t like using WooCommerce a few years ago, because it was complicating process setting up an online Store, but AliDropship changed all of that and in many ways now AliDropship is far superior to Shopify. Shopify, like Wix, limits your options and will make you extremely reliant on their platform, Which can become annoying if you want to get creative with things like shipping as an example.

More about Drop Ship Lifestyle

Dropshipping is a kind of business opportunity where you can sell products on online stores like eBay without having to stress yourself on product inventory and shipping. You basically have to partner with drop shipping companies who are responsible for storing and shipping your products. More people are jumping into dropshipping business as it allows them to get into eCommerce without having to think of product creation, inventory, and shipment.

What Dropship Lifestyle offers is a training program for you to get started in this kind of business. However, the fee for this training program doesn’t guarantee success and for many, they might find that Shopify can become a bit inflexible and the worst part about Shopify is that you never really own your store.

When you join AliDropship and you purchase an AliDropship Store you own it, you can sell it and people can buy it from you and not worry about monthly or annual Shopify fees. You’ll notice on the AliDropship Store that people are selling their stores and making a lot of money, this is because the WordPress platform unlike the Shopify platform allows for a lot more flexibility.

I should point out that Drop Ship Lifestyle has been online for some time now and not everyone using their service is successful, what annoys most people about being unsuccessful with Shopify Stores is that you’ll own nothing. Once you purchase an AliDropship Store it’s yours for life, you can literally download the entire store and save it on your hard drive, if you don’t like the AliDropship Store Webhosting, unlike Shopify you can leave and host your website somewhere else.

Once you buy a Shopify Store you can’t bring it anywhere else if you’re unsatisfied. As Amazon and Walmart (Walmart is integrated into Shopify) become more oppressive with their rules, many of us are seeing fewer reasons to use Shopify. In the past Shopify was perfect, but in the modern era, you’ll want to do a side-by-side comparison.

Final thoughts on DropshipLifestyle.com

Dropship Lifestyle of DropshipLifestyle.com may work for you if you have a huge interest in selling products online and willing to invest a substantial amount to learn the ropes of this industry. Anton Kraly is proven, he’s not a scammer, but be you should also know that not everyone is successful with his training. If you decide to join him, make sure you ask him all the necessary questions relevant to you, prior to joining.

If you’re looking for an alternative you might want to consider AliDropship, I used to use Shopify until I found out about AliDropship I can do local drop shipping and drop shipping from China with AliDropship and I own my store no more yearly Shopify fees and additional costs for additional Shopify Applications. I can also move my website because AliDropship uses WordPress. Their staff is also very helpful and you can sell your store if you decide drop shipping is not for you in the future.

All The Best

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