DropShippers.com Review

Drop Shippers of DropShippers.com is one of those drop shipping companies that provide a wide range of items. It claims to have over 2,000,000 items that you can choose from. It offers 3 types of membership plan: Auction Plan (one-time fee of $99), Tunkey Website Plan ($149 per year), and Auction Tunkey Website Plan ($199 per year).

Choosing the Auction Plan allows you copy the images and details of the items in the website to your eBay account. With the Tunkey Website Plan, you’ll be provided with a customizable website pre-loaded with 2,000,000 products. Aside from the website, you will also be provided with 6 eBook on drop ship course. Combination of these 2 plans is what will the Auction Tunkey Website Plan offers. For an additional $99.99, you can purchase the Drop Ship directory, giving you access to top drop ship companies in the world.

More about DropShippers.com

The company has the largest product catalog, with over 2,000,000 items to choose from. Some of these items are from top brands like Adidas, Sony, Microsoft, Nikon, and many more. These items are grouped into 12 main categories with sub-categories for each.

The website is generally user-friendly. Anyone, even those who are still new in it, won’t be having a hard time navigating the website. Once orders are placed, they are immediately processed (within 24 hours). Shipping of items are expected within 5-15 business days.

Final thoughts on DropShippers.com

While DropShippers.com offers a wide range of items, it must be noted that the company doesn’t offer the cheapest price in the market. However, it’s worth commending for its good customer support, user-friendly website, and helpful resources.

The dropshipping source I use can be found below. I’m an actual successful member so if you need help you can simply email me or email them.

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