duda.co vs WordPress – duda.co Review

So in October 2019 duda.co made the following advertising video, that really irritates many of us who believe in and are fans of WordPress which is a free and open-source content management system that is helping to solve poverty and provide millions of people all over the world an opportunity that most of the world elites would rather people not have access too. The video that inspired me to write this short review was the one below:

duda.co and their deceptive Billing Strategy

duda.co Deceptive Billing Practices

duda.co Deceptive Billing Practices

Now, to start, if you want Email, chat & phone support from duda.co you’re going to have to join their “Team
Expanded Access” plan which costs $22(as of March 31, 2020) if you’re billed ANNUALLY!

Now, one thing I’m not sure of is if you leave the Duda platform, can you take your Duda made website with you? Because with WordPress, not only can you get Templates for free but if you one day decide to leave the web-hosting company you signed up with, you can take your WordPress website with you. I’m not entirely sure duda.co affords you the same liberty. So if you’re going to sign up with Duda, ask them what happens to their Duda website if you want to change hosting companies.

I’m not opposed to duda having the right to exist, I have no problem with Wix.com as an example, however, I don’t think that’s a fair example for them to compare themselves too. I don’t even think people looking for a website, necessarily even care about the issues dud brings up in their advertising and again $22 X 12 = $264‬ and that’s only to get basic help and support.

The dude platform isn’t exactly easy to use either, below is one of their training videos, that they had to upload because so many of their members were having problems using their complicated platform.

Can WordPress be a little complicated? Of course, it can be, but WordPress offers so much more for FREE than Duda wants you to pay money for. WordPress is OPENSOURCE, you’re not locked and boxed into some Webhosting company that’s trying to find multiple ways to make money off of you.

Is duda a scam? I wouldn’t call them a scam, I’d say they’re legit based on my reviews, but the mere fact they have to use deceptive billing practices to lure you in, shows you that they’re having trouble attracting clients. If they posted that their lowest tiered Webhosting service costs $168‬ billed annually, how excited would you feel about they have to offer?

If you knew billed annually duda costs $168‬ for their lowest-tier service, which offers email support only, how excited do you feel about their 14-day trial offer? As an example my wordpress website hosting not including the domain name cost me $35.4‬0 per year at TMD Hosting If you’re wondering about my domain name, well I personally host my domain name at NameCheap and that’s about $14 annually.

So combined in a year I spend $50 and because WordPress is free and if you’re into WooCommerce, WooCommerce is also free, you’re basically up and running. Now, the challenge for most people who want a website is the Web design or getting your website to do what you want it to do, well all I can tell you is the same challenges you’ll experience on WordPress, you’ll probably experience them with dude, plus you’ll have much larger overhead.

Now, being perfectly honest, finding a web designer can be a challenge, but if you’re looking for a web designer consider local freelancers. I work with a very good web designer, if there’s a demand for top-notch web designer you can leave me a comment below and I’ll add their contact information to this post.

What separates TMD Hosting is their support staff, you won’t realize how good they are until you try another hosting company and run into technical problems. This free blog you’re on has been here since 2007 and I’ve tried a lot of different hosting platforms, but by far they’re the best!

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