EasyHits4U Review Is It a Scam

When talking about traffic exchanges you will often here me singing praises about Easyhits4u. Why because they’ve managed to combat all the concerns people have when using manual traffic exchanges. The biggest concern when it comes to using traffic exchanges are cheat bots, people trying to hack the system and also the fact that most traffic exchanges don’t have a ‘cash out’ feature. What I mean by cash out feature is a person usually cannot join a traffic exchange for FREE and receive cash just for surfing.

Easyhits4u almost makes Paid to click sites seem like a complete waste of time. Also the fact that Easyhits4u has gone to such extreme measures to stop cheat bots & stop people from trying to hack their system is very impressive to me. Easyhits4u has enabled everyday people the ability to get paid to surf the internet, and also surf for cash at the same time. Easyhits4u is an easy way to get free website traffic consistently to your website. In my mind and in the minds of many others easy hits 4 u is the best traffic exchange web site online.

EasyHits4u my personal Review

You will often see me testing my Pay Per Click marketing campaigns at Easyhits4u to see if it’s a winner. People who use traffic exchanges have seen it all and if you can get them to sign up for something you know your website or the website you are promoting has potential. So I often use easyhits4u to check to see how a website will do. How I measure success is per 100 if I get 1 sign up per 100 in a traffic exchange oh then we have a winner.

Also because Easyhits4u members know they are getting paid to surf they are often not as stingy as members of other traffic exchanges.

EasyHits4u Cash Outs

Have you ever joined a Paid to click site before or joined a Paid to read emails site before? If you haven’t I will briefly explain how boring and time consuming it can be to get paid or even reach payout in one of these places. Easyhits4u on the other hand puts the ball in your court. Surf till you drop if you want to. Most people won’t do this and this is the power of controlling cheat bots and hacks because that’s what many surfers use when they sign up for traffic exchanges and most owners don’t pay it any mind or even know it’s happening because many of these cheat bots are very advanced. Plus why should the owner of a traffic exchange care if he is not paying people to surf. But because easyhits4u built there exchange with this in mind it makes it hard for cheat bots to beat the easyhits4u captcha.

Because Easy hits has combated this problem you can really get paid to surf the internet.  Most get ‘paid to’ sites go under because of cheat bots and hacks. An owner might wake up one day and notice for some odd reason a few users without down lines have somehow made $10 overnight implying that this user has been surfing the entire day which is usually never the case. The owner might get 100’s of these cases then he or she is faced with the dilemma to pull the plug which many will do. Or they might cancel the users accounts which usually cause backlashes and problems with people saying scam or stay away in forums.

EasyHits4u CashOuts

They have a good handle on cheaters so they are able to handle cash outs. Also in my opinion EasyHits4u is the largest traffic exchange with the most ACTIVE surfers. Many people look at Alexa ratings to judge who the largest traffic exchange is but Alexa is not a good tool to judge traffic you can view my article about Alexa here:  http://richinwriters.com/web-site-traffic-optimization-alexa-revealed/ If you were to throw 1000 credits in Easyhits4u it might disappear within a few minutes depending on your settings. Also it tends to have a better response than most traffic exchanges because of the cash out feature.

In Closing Easyhits4u is no scam i been using it for about 4 years now and to be honest it can be addictive at times because the surfing is a very smooth experience I recommend giving them a try

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