EasySiteHits.com Review Is It a Scam

Before you buy website traffic a question you should ask yourself is where is my traffic coming from. Don’t get caught up in the fancy word play of some of these fancy websites. What I do not like about Easy Site Hits is theat they do not explain where they get there traffic from. Even if you visit there frequently ask questions portion of there website you will notice they are doing there absolute best to dodge the question, as a matter of fact they don;t even answer the question  the following can be found at


4) Where does your traffic come from? Tell me more about your sources

We are very proud of the traffic we offer. We do not have “secret sources” or “secret methods” for generating traffic. Our traffic is derived from hard work. Period. You deserve to know the source of the traffic so that you can make an informed business decision when purchasing it. Our traffic comes from a large network of specialized websites, each with its own narrow market, we have come across during our 10-year long experience in the online marketing industry. Because we’ve been in the business so long, we know where to find the hard-to-get traffic. We buy in bulk from our specialty traffic providers, each with their own narrow market, and then we provide you with an incredibly simple, easy-to-use interface. This network of specialized websites receives thousands of quality visitors every day; we collect this traffic and, using a proprietary algorithm, deliver it to our customers’ websites.

When you make a purchase, one of our marketing specialists will visit your website and, whether you specified a target or not, set up your campaign to send you the very best visitors. It is in our best interest to do so, if you generate sales or contacts chances are you’ll be back for another purchase. Thanks to this manual review process, our online advertising technology will maximize your internet advertising dollar by delivering top quality visitors to your website. By connecting your website to our content-rich affiliate sites and search engines, we can deliver highly targeted visitors that go well beyond any traditional online promotion method.

After seeing that i am no longer interested in purchasing traffic from Easy Site Hits.


Because the traffic they send you can be coming from anywhere and they promote themselves as targeted traffic if it’s so targeted please tell me where you get your traffic from at least give me some form of detail. Is it from pop up ads is it from pop under ads, is it from traffic exchanges? where is this traffic coming from. As a consumer and a potential customer i think it’s my right to know where i would be getting traffic from if i pay you my hard earned money.

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If i am buying quality traffic i should have a right to know where the traffic is coming from how am i going to know the traffic is targeted if you don’t even tell me where the traffic is coming from. In order for me to buy website traffic from easy site hits they need to should explain to me where exactly the traffic is coming from.

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If i am going to pay to get traffic as a customer i have a right to know where the traffic is coming from if it’s from a variety of sources why don’t you just explain where exactly this traffic is coming from. Why this is a problem is because how am i suppose to know this is not traffic exchange traffic Easy Site Hits is selling. I’m not saying Easy Site Hits is a scam but it sure looks like one.