Ebay: What if I want to change the name of my Store?

eBay for whatever reason makes it difficult to change the name of your store, Curently on their FAQ section it states the following:

What if I want to change the name of my Store?
You can change your Store name as often as you want. However, after you’ve published your Store for the first time, any time you change the name, the URL will not change. For buyers who have bookmarked your Store, this helps them find you. It also helps your Store appear higher in search results when buyers try to find you using search engines such as Google.

Although this may make sense from their end, for many newbies or people who selected a name not expecting much to happen that old name can be a pain to deal with. Anyway at least for now we’ve been able to find a way to solve this problem. Warning this work in 2017, it doesn’t mean it will work when you’re reading this, if it stops working leave a comment below.

Now I did write down the directions here initially but they(ebay) seemed to have changed it so to avoid the confusion I left them out. Many of you that are here probably got the message “sorry, we’re unable to revert to your old store at this time. please try again.,” I genuinely don’t understand why eBay makes this such an issue, maybe it causes problems on their back end. Anyway enjoy it while it lasts. Pick a good name this time

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