More Economic DEFLATION news: Canadian consumers should expect to pay HIGHER prices as Canadian Federal Welfare Scheme backfires- Canadians are ready to quit if ordered back to the office – August 5, 2021,

If you’re a Canadian willing to work for fiat money, you may soon find yourself in an excellent negotiation position with your employer. If you’re an employer, fear not, you too may soon find yourself in a good position to raise your prices to a market level.

Currently, most Provinces in Canada have UBI, in Ontario, we have Welfare, it’s been around for so long, that most people in my province forget that it’s there. Not only do the people on Provincial welfare get free money from the government, in many instances, but they also have free government housing, free water, free electricity, FREE PARKING(Yes, some people on Welfare in Ontario have cars), free food, free health care a free social worker, access to free training and little to no pressure to find work.

In fact in Ontario, instead of finding a job, it’s an open secret that having more children will equate to a larger UBI/Provincial Welfare cheque from the Ontario government. Well, now that the Canadian federal government is involved in Welfare, more and more Canadians are beginning to understand what existing provincial welfare recipients have known all along… It pays not to work in Canada.

What most people do not understand about socialism is that even in poor countries, there are lazy people, who will go out of their way not to work. The entire point of capitalism or a market economy is to keep people busy, it’s the greed of the lazy, that want you to believe that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share, the truth of the matter is THE MAJORITY does not pay their fair share nor do they want to pay their fair share.

Democracy is all about using the government to steal from others, we all know current welfare schemes do not work nor are they sustainable, but why do we allow it? Because collectively we fear the mob, how does this sorry end you ask? Bankruptcy, which for as long as we accept fiat money, equates to price inflation while the economy DEFLATES.

The root cause of ECONOMIC DEFLATION in a fiat monetary system is higher prices. Economic deflation is a natural occurrence under a Gold Standard, you fight economic deflation with INNOVATION based don’t REAL consumer demand. It’s hard to innovate when the government is not only artificially raising the cost of living, but also adding more regulations to the economy all which are deflationary.

Money is supposed to be tied to labour, when it is not or when labour prices are higher than they should be because the private sector is competing with the government, that’s when the cost of giving goes up as there will be fewer people willing to work for money! So again if you work for a living, pay close attention to Canadians who refuse to work, because you will be in a good position to demand higher wages.

To those of you who are producers in the economy, you too will be in a good position, to raise prices, and if you can’t close your shop down and don’t take out any unnecessary debt. I’ve long argued about starting a business in debt. We’re approaching a price inflationary cycle and it becomes very hard to pay down debt when prices start rising.

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Interesting times ahead!